Customer Case Study – Blackrock


BNY BlackRock’s key challenges included the ability to take new content, usually created around specific geopolitical or macro-economic events, and distribute it in a timely fashion across earned and paid media, and then to ensure the content achieved high levels of engagement. Blackrock also wanted to be able to publish in an efficient and cost effective manner.


BlackRock’s marketing team have complete control from Knexus (platform) to curate financial commentary, graphs and videos into templates and distribute directly to publisher and influencer sites. Interactions and calls-to-actions are easily added (e.g. email a friend or a poll) to increase engagement. Real time analytics keep BlackRock and its media agency aligned on performance. Content is instantly optimized (e.g. updating risk warnings or disclaimers) across one or many sites.


BlackRock has improved online brand engagement almost 20% based on content reach, consumption and client interactions. In the meantime, the firm has dramatically accelerated time to market, reducing content updates on 3rd party sites from 4 days to less than 1 hour. The cost of digital delivery is 25% down, through reduced creative production costs, less operational complexity and lower requirements for technical resources.


growth in online brand engagement


faster for content updates on 3rd party sites


drop in cost of digital delivery