Customer Case Study – BNY Mellon


BNY Mellon had already created a ‘single customer view’, tying together data in one place, and now sought to fully utilise the power of that data by delivering content experiences personalized at a target segment level, through email and fund websites. They wanted to deliver hyper targeted content experiences that strongly resonated and added value for intermediaries to boost sales. At the same time they needed to be able to do so in a scalable way that would allow them to reduce reduce internal silos and complexity.


Using Knexus, BNY Mellon engages their target audiences with personalized content experiences that cut-through and capture interest and attention. Knexus platform pulls in intelligence from BNY Mellon’s single customer view via the CRM system, and matches that with the most relevant content available (searches content from disparate systems including CMS’s, YouTube and publisher sites). Personalized messaging through email and website can be extended to other digital channels as required whilst powerful analytics help optimize engagement and conversion.


The Knexus platform automatically measures performance across channels and maps key performance metrics that deliver actionable insights. This enables BNY Mellon to employ a 'test, learn, grow' approach resulting in improved campaign performance. As a result, they have seen a 40% increase in content reach and a 17% rise in leads generated. Additionally, digital delivery has accelerated to the point of a 30%+ reduction in costs on key initiatives and an overall increase in their ROI.


increase in content reach


growth in lead generation


drop in cost