Customer Case Study – Grant’s Whisky


BNY Grant’s Whisky True Tales campaign focused on videos from Grant’s customers telling stories about how whisky plays a role in their lives. The objective was to share the content across multiple sites, including brand sites, media partners and social channels (e.g. Facebook), whilst engaging with the community of whisky fans to vote on their favourite stories.


>Knexus was the platform of choice to manage content distribution across different digital channels. Videos were uploaded directly into Knexus Cloud interface, from where the marketing team easily created widgets including video, voting and a real time vote counter. Integration with Facebook, SmoothFM and other sites meant consumers could vote easily. All insights on engagement and content performance were automatically captured on Knexus whilst data capture was integrated with the email system. Content was updated using Knexus’ real time optimization across all channels, to ensure the latest and most relevant content for consumers.


Grant’s were able to generate a 500%+ increase in visits to the Grant’s Facebook page together with more than 5,000 entries through their website. They grew content reach more than 40% with more effective content distribution, whilst the ability to manage all activities using an integrated platform reduced costs (savings were reinvested in additional paid media to amplify the content).


increase in visits to Facebook page


new entries through website


growth in content reach