Customer Case Study – Hilton


Hilton’s key challenges included how to create timely content across many different hotels and to do so cost effectively. The brand also wanted to ensure that they maximize reach and impact through effective content distribution. Most importantly the objective was to generate clear ROI in terms of online bookings for hotel rooms and event space lead generation.


With Hilton’s staff generated content strategy, hotel level marketers capture storytelling content using mobile devices and upload to the Knexus Cloud interface. Hilton’s central ecommerce team use Knexus platform to distribute content across hotel websites, Facebook and travel communities. Social sharing and conversations are integrated with video through the Knexus interface, increasing reach and brand engagement. Targeted calls to action for room bookings, restaurant reservations and event space RFP’s drive content ROI. Knexus integrated analytics help Hilton improve performance across channels.


Hilton are able to generate timely and engaging content which has increased room nights and revenue by 16% and 11% respectively, whilst delivering a 9% increase in leads generated. By deploying rich, original content with strong social features, SEO performance has resulted in a substantial improvement in Google rankings. Using staff generated content combined with one Cloud platform for content distribution, measurement and optimization has helped Hilton to expand its content marketing cost effectively.


increase in room nights


growth in revenue


increase in lead generation

Knexus has been a key enabler in meeting our objectives, leveraging social media and video to help us deepen online customer engagement and increase sales.

Director, ecommerce EMEA, Hilton Worldwide