Knexus improves brand engagement, SEO performance and eCommerce

Office Depot, the business supplies and services retailer, faces fierce competition from online retailers such as Amazon and Staples. With a $1bn+ eCommerce business in Europe, the company is investing heavily in digital innovation by remapping its marketing and digital capabilities and developing its content strategy to improve brand engagement, SEO performance and eCommerce conversions.

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Office Depot was finding it difficult to shift their strategy away from a traditional focus on products, towards driving a measurable ROI. They also struggled to create and distribute content that reached target audience and drove traffic to the company's eCommerce sites. Part of the challenge was their departments were not aligned to effectively collaborate, specifically the marketing, content development and online sales teams. A way to improve efficiency across all channels and better understand where to optimize engagement was crucial.


Knexus worked with Office Depot’s in-house marketing and eCommerce teams to create a content plan and editorial schedule. Content contributors then use Knexus platform to pull in content, which Office Depot then distributes quickly and easily across their partners, influencers and existing eCommerce sites. The team has a dedicated content hub where activities across channels are automatically measured. Both content and calls-to-actions are optimized in real time to improve ROI.

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Using original content with rich social engagement features has led to a 12% improvement in SEO performance whilst content reach has increased by 40%. Clever content marketing has driven significant additional traffic to target category eCommerce pages resulting in an 8% improvement in eCommerce conversion. By creating a unified view on content and customer engagement, Knexus has helped Office Depot remove significant operating complexities and reduced average time to market from four days to two hours.
improvement in SEO performance
increase in content reach
growth in eCommerce conversion
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