The start to any good customer relationship is to talk to your audience about meaningful, relevant topics that makes them excited
about what you’re offering, but how?

Harness your best content with our content matching engine, in order to deliver outstanding, personalized customer experiences that
delights your customers and grow both profitable engagement and customer loyalty.

Get a complete view of your content and customers to make sure your brand executes marketing campaigns in the most effective way possible.


'Be relevant, be fast, be with your customers.'

Knexus powers personalized content distribution that helps brands to get their most timely and relevant key messages
in front of customers through unique content experiences.

Our platform gives you the tools you need to design fully personalized content experiences and deliver those into any
digital touch point. By creating unique customer journeys you make sure you reach your audience with highly
relevant and consistent content experiences, resulting in incredible revenue growth as well as higher ROI on marketing spend.


'No matter the amount or type of data your brand collects, we can start personalizing customer experiences with our content matching engine, right now.'

Knexus technology pulls customer data from any source, such as CRM, transaction history or social listening, and searches your
content universe to find the most relevant and compelling content for an individual or audience segment.

But that’s not all. In addition to customer data, marketers have a selection of alternative ways to create personalized experiences
using analytics (e.g. most popular content) or user behaviour (e.g. device or location) to make informed marketing decisions.

Target your audience on a personal level and see the desired results come in.
You have the data. It’s time to deliver outstanding customer experiences.

But Is It Easy To Use?

Yes. Our platform is built for agility. Brands can choose to connect one data source (example: social listening) with one content source (example: company website), or two data sources with multiple content sources; you’re able to fully customise based on your own brand’s criteria. The platform is incredibly flexible and the possibilities are endless.

By taking performance insights from the integrated analytics, marketers have an easy-­to-­use interface on Knexus where they can quickly refine and optimize the criteria for personalization, saving you time and resources.

Knexus does all heavy lifting behind the scenes so you can focus on driving results.

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'Quickly and easily distribute personalized content experiences across one, some
or every digital channel - the point is it’s up to you.'

one view of all online content

Our platform gives your team flexible and easy­-to-­use options for distributing remarkable content (any format or source including
brand, social & UGC) consistently, according to your brands marketing objectives. Marketers have the luxury of choosing between
content automation or manual distribution , providing flexibility to fit into different types of marketing campaigns.

With automated personalized content delivery, you ensure that hyper targeted messaging reaches your target audience instantly,
reaching your customers where, when and with the content they crave.

Measure Performance in Real-Time

Knexus powerful content matching engine designs a 360º view of both brands content and customers, giving marketers highly actionable data to achieve goals.

Measure every experience against custom KPI’s, content performance, engagement, user behaviour and compare channel performances. The customizable dashboards, incisive reporting and flexible filters power effective decision making, giving you deeper customer insights to drive stronger engagement.

Knexus seamlessly plugs into third party analytics systems like Google Analytics, which ensures that your reports are highly relevant for your brand.

Spend more time focusing on results and take action that drives ROI.