Personalized content experiences that accelerate sales

Knexus platform harnesses customer data, using machine learning and predictive analytics, to understand in real time who your customer is and what they're looking for. Simultaneously, it searches your social, blogging, video and other marketing content across CMS, DAM, blogs and social channels, using our deep learning algorithms, to understand what that content is.

It then matches customer intelligence with the very best available content, using content matching algorithms, to deliver smarter, hyper-targeted content experiences across ecommerce, mobile apps, websites, email or other digital channels.

Harness customer data

Your brand is collecting a rich selection of analytical, transactional, behavioural and other data. Knexus can utilize any number of those data sources to better understand your customer and what content experience will meet their expectations (and your objectives).

Knexus uses machine learning and predictive analytics to understand a customer in terms of their profile, journey, interactions and affinities. Knexus utilizes data from multiple sources, including e-Commerce, CRM, Analytics & Social Listening.

Fine tune the customer intelligence algorithms directly from Knexus’ easy-to-use interface to improve performance.

Distribute to any digital customer touchpoint

one view of all online content

Knexus platform gives your team fast and easy­-to-­use options for distributing content across any digital channel, according to your marketing objectives.

Knexus provides a fully automated delivery capability, to enable your team to focus on high value activities whilst hyper targeted messaging reaches your target audience instantly. Alternatively, the smart recommendations feature provides the opportunity to pre-approve the systems content choices.

Real time optimization and measurement

Using real time optimization, Knexus continuously monitors both customer behaviour and the latest available content, to provide the most compelling experience for your audience. As a result, you can achieve the best possible performance whilst freeing up vital team resources.

Integrated analytics attribute value and measure content performance, engagement and user behaviour. With customizable dashboards, powerful reporting options and seamless integration with tools like Google Analytics, users quickly generate actionable insights to achieve their goals.

Easy to set up and use

Knexus thrives on its reputation for fast time-to-value. The simple, intuitive interface puts non-technical users at ease. The platform has low complexity to set up and ready-made plug-ins to integrate seamlessly with other systems.

Knexus provides a flexible and agile solution for specific campaigns or enterprise wide content personalization requirements. Use one or multiple data and content sources, and deliver content experiences across your choice of digital channels.

See how Knexus delivers individualized content experiences for your customers