5 Ways to Drive Your Mobile Marketing ROI
May 09, 2016

5 Ways to Drive Your Mobile Marketing ROI

Looking to generate more revenue with mobile? The average mobile user checks their phone roughly 150 times per day – making the consumer highly accessible through their mobile device. As mobile marketing continues to grow, more and more companies are curious about how to get the best results out of their mobile marketing.

We found several practices that you can apply to your mobile marketing strategy.



 When advertising on mobile devices with dynamic rich media ads, your CTA might have to compete for attention.To drive maximum mobile engagement, it’s critical that the call to action is prominent and clear. Moz specialists advice to make sure the part you most want people to interact with stands out from the rest of your unit. “Since mobile screens don’t have a ton of real estate, letting users know where you want them to place their finger must be strategic. Your CTA should contrast heavily with the rest of your ad. Make it bright. Make it bold. Give it a shadow.Whatever color screams “press me” is the color you should pick.” Majority,2015

ASOS mobile experience



Latest emarketer study reveals that tracking users and results across screens is a big issue. Fewer than three in 10 marketers used cross-channel tracking or visitor stitching (identifying the same user across desktop/apps as a single user) for mobile marketing. Shoppers use desktop and mobile devices to locate stores, check prices, research before they buy, and read or post reviews. They expect seamless channel integration, and rarely make buying decisions without weighing ample content from their social contacts, retailers and other authoritative sources.



More than two in five companies in the US will use mobile coupons for marketing this year. Mobile wallets are important shopping companions that store valuable coupons and offers. Given the huge consumer shift to mobile, leveraging mobile wallets allows brands to capitalize on this traffic, arm these customers with mobile wallet content and drive them in-store to redeem it.

Did you know…


84% of all consumers (not including brand loyalists) would likely switch stores in order to capitalize on weekly specials, compared to 82% of brand loyalists.

-Coupons would lead 82% of all consumers to purchase a product from a brand they would not otherwise, compared to 78% of brand loyalists.

85% of all consumers would purchase a new product because of a coupon, compared to 84% of brand loyalists

Business Insider,2016



Forward-thinking brands should utilize mobile engagement to enhance the time a consumer spends with a brand both in-store and out. Forrester expects digitally-savvy brands to engage in a slew of trends in 2016, including mobilizing storytelling with sounds, sights and motion, aligning branded material with context and powering mobile moments via deep marketing automation.“Mobile is the most disruptive change in consumer behavior in years. To truly differentiate via mobile, you need to rethink your customer journey,” said Thomas Husson, vice president and principal analyst of marketing and strategy at Mobile Marketer,2016

Pizza Hut recently tested interactive touchscreen tables, which allow guests to customize every detail of their order, from the size of the pie to topping distribution. Customers are also able to use the table to play games as they await their order and pay via mobile wallet.


Pizza Hut Mobile App



Dunkin’ Donuts rolls out mobile moments via holiday-themed games




There are over 3.3 billion customer loyalty program memberships in the US. That’s an average of 29 per household. It’s also been discovered that it’s up to 10 times harder to obtain a new customer than it is to sell to a current one. Customers who download the app get access to exclusive deals, early bird specials and more. To make the app even more effective, survey customers (or have the app do it) to find out which rewards they prefer. It’s a smart mobile solutions for both the customer, who is always carrying her phone and loves a good coupon, and the seller to gain insight to our loyal customers and communicate with them and reward them.


Referral SaaSquatch,2015


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