Demand Generation

As a Demand Generation professional, you understand the value of interacting with individual consumers based on their intent and interests. Boost your conversion rates with personalized consumer experiences.

Too many brands waste time and money attracting new visitors but end up treating everyone the same. In many industries, brands face fierce competition to convey their information to the right person at the right time. To captivate and convert your target audience into profitable leads in an increasingly noisy marketplace, it’s crucial for brands to deliver value through personalized content experiences.

Knexus platform empowers you to distribute personalized content experiences to any digital touchpoint for individual customers or target audience segments.

The platform sits in the core of your content marketing strategy and easily integrates with other tools such as your brand’s CMS, DAM, CRM and Marketing Automation software via the flexible API. Knexus personalizes content through predictive or rule-based targeting and automatically delivers that content across channels. The platform provides powerful insights with a complete view of your content and customers across those touch points, with impressive real time optimization capabilities.

Here are a few examples of how demand generation teams use Knexus to drive more conversions.

Personalize your customer’s experiences to increase conversion rates

Deliver personalized, timely and compelling content experiences to your target audience, across any digital touchpoint, in real time.

Identify the highest relevance content based on your business objectives to connect with your audience’s core interests. Our powerful platform matches user data (any data source) with your best branded content and weaves it into your customer journeys, either 1:1 or to a target audience. You’re able to automatically optimize marketing campaigns via the platforms insights, based on rules and criteria to make sure that you’re always providing your target audience with the best and most relevant experiences.

Tailor messaging to your customers when and where they need it and expect to see a dramatic increase in your conversion rates.

  • Increase conversion
  • Improve engagement
  • Boost retention

Drive killer conversion rates with personalized social content delivery

Introduce and deliver personalized social content experiences to your target audiences and ramp up your lead generation efforts.

Enable your team to create more engaging and better converting landing pages by distributing personalized social content based on user intent and interest. Our powerful platform allows you to match user data with the highest relevant social content, in order to weave it into landing pages where it’s set to make the best impact for your brand.

Deliver highly targeted messaging 1:1 or to a target audience in real time. You’ll quickly see your efforts increase conversion rates and engagement ROI as a result.

  • Increase conversion
  • Strengthen engagement
  • Grow social ROI

Knexus is flexible, fast to implement and easy to use

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