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Targeting clients and intermediaries with more relevant content experiences is a proven method to improve engagement and increase sales leads.

Set against a backdrop of fast changing client expectations and increasing competition, you are challenged to improve brand engagement, generate more leads and improve loyalty, all whilst trying to protect profitability - but how?

Knexus platform empowers marketers to deliver personalized customer journeys for clients and intermediaries within website, email, partner sites or any digital touchpoint of choice.

Knexus securely uses customer data and machine learning to understand individual clients or target segments in terms of their profile, preferences, affinities and interactions. In concert, it searches your research, editorial and other marketing content, using deep learning algorithms to interpret what that content is. The platform then matches the best compliance approved content for the target audience or individual and delivers it in real time to the mobile app, website or other digital channel. Knexus includes easy plug ins to integrate with your Marketing Automation, CMS, CRM and other key systems.

Take a look at these examples of how Asset and Wealth Management firms are using Knexus to grow their businesses.

Automatically deliver the most impactful, relevant client experiences

Engage your clients with personalized customer journeys that cut through and capture their interest and attention.

Increase engagement ROI by distributing personalized content to your clients, 1:1 or based on target segments. Knexus enables you to auto-match data driven insights from your CRM, marketing automation or other data sources with your best possible content. The result is highly tailored content for clients.

Strengthen your client relationships to increase loyalty and grow sales, whilst simultaneously automating content selection and delivery processes to reduce costs.

  • Grow lead generation
  • Strengthen engagement
  • Accelerate speed to market

Automatically recommend content to your sales team 

Generate a stronger sales impact by closing the gap between your marketing and sales teams.

Strengthen your sales team performance by enabling quick and easy access to the best and most relevant marketing content available for individual sales team members based on their region, product focus, target customers or other key factors. Automatically deliver personalized content into your sales teams CRM system so it becomes an integral resource with no downtime whilst salespeople search for the right content.

Empower your sales team to drive stronger customer engagement through sales emails, sales presentations or any other sales activity to drive successful customer acquisition, cross and up-selling.

  • Improve sales performance
  • Increase content ROI
  • Save time and resource

Deliver personalized content experiences into your mobile app, in real time

Meet your clients with the most relevant, timely messaging available.

Knexus delivers personalized content onto mobile apps, matching individual clients with your most relevant content - in real time. Whether it’s a native or hybrid app, Knexus can help you create richer, engaging and more profitable experiences for your visitors.

Use personalized customer journeys to build stronger brand loyalty, improve engagement and increase up-selling.

  • Strengthen engagement
  • Drive up-sell
  • Improve brand loyalty

Knexus is flexible, fast to implement and easy to use

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