Financial Services B2C

As a B2C financial services marketer, you know that consumers increasingly expect you to deliver highly relevant digital experiences and that these can help your brand improve sales performance and strengthen customer loyalty.

In a highly competitive, noisy market place, consumer attention spans are diminishing, content fragmentation is a real concern and the need for personalized content experiences across digital touchpoints is growing. In addition, brands need to make sure that they can scale efforts in a cost-effective way - but how?

Knexus platform provides you with the ability to create personalized content experiences based on data-driven insights. These are distributed automatically to any digital touchpoint, targeting individual consumers or audience segments for acquisition, upsell and retention purposes.

The platform sits in the core of your content marketing strategy and easily integrates with other tools such as your brand’s CMS, DAM, CRM and Marketing Automation software via the flexible API. Knexus personalizes content through deep rule-based targeting and automatically delivers that content across channels. The platform provides powerful insights with a complete view of your content and customers across those touch points and has impressive real time optimization capabilities.

Here are a few examples of how leading financial brands use Knexus to drive more conversions.

Deliver personalized content experiences into your mobile app, in real time

With more than 2 billion smartphones globally, it's no surprise where many customers feel most at home. On their mobiles. How do you stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly noisy app marketplace? By providing real time personal content experiences for individual customers or a target segment, your brand can build stronger brand loyalty and increase interactions to drive up cross-sell and up-selling opportunities.

Knexus helps deliver deeply personalized content onto mobile apps by matching intelligence from data sources, such as, transaction history with the brand’s most relevant content - all in real time. Choose to deliver content experiences automatically or through smart content recommendations (approved by you) to the app of your choice.

Drive more value to your business with personalized content experiences.

  • Strengthen Engagement
  • Drive Up-sell
  • Improve Brand Loyalty

Personalize content using social listening intelligence

Exploit your social listening data in a way you didn’t think possible.

Take the intelligence from your social listening tools to personalize content 1:1 or on a segment based level. Use Knexus’ powerful content matching engine to select the most relevant content available for your brand and distribute across digital touchpoints of your choice; either automatically or through smart content recommendations (approved by you).

Utilise your social listening intelligence to distribute personalized content experiences to any digital channel and see your engagement ROI, customer loyalty and repeat purchases increase.

  • Improve Customer Loyalty
  • Increase Conversion
  • Strengthen Engagement

Knexus is flexible, fast to implement and easy to use

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