Retail Commerce

You understand the value of providing individual shoppers with personalized content experiences based on their interests and intent. It’s a powerful way to improve conversion and increase repeat purchases.

Whilst many brands are personalizing product recommendations on their sites, most are not fully exploiting their social and other marketing content to create inspiring customers experiences - that’s where Knexus comes in.

Knexus platform empowers digital retailers to deliver individualized content experiences for shoppers within ecommerce, apps or other digital touchpoints.

Knexus uses machine learning and predictive analytics to understand a customer in terms of their profile, journey, interactions and affinities. Simultaneously, it searches all your social & marketing content and understands what that content is (using deep learning algorithms). Finally it matches the best content for the customer and delivers it to your digital channel(s) of choice. The platform includes easy plug ins to integrate with your eCommerce, CMS, DAM, CRM and other key systems.

Here are a few examples of how Retail Commerce brands use Knexus to grow their business.

Make social content part of the shopping experience

Give your customer’s shopping experience that personal touch.

Easily harness your best social content (or any benefits based content) and weave it into your customer's buying journey. Complement your product content by making social content part of the shopping experience, presenting it to your shoppers in the most personal way. See conversion rates, customer satisfaction and repeat purchases increase as a result. Knexus enables you to deliver your best social content at scale, either 1:1 or on a segment based level.

Bring your customers shopping experience to life with high relevance, timely and personalized social content.

  • Increase conversion
  • Grow repeat purchases
  • Strengthen brand engagement

Use your product content to drive content marketing success

Never fear non-converting content, ever again.

Achieve high conversions on content by distributing product content beyond your ecommerce site, to the right places, for the right customer, at the right time. Knexus matches your customer data with the most relevant product content available, and distributes highly personalized messaging (1:1 or segment based level) into digital touchpoints of your choice; either automatically or through smart content recommendations (approved by you).

Close the gap between content marketing and eCommerce. Extend your content reach with a highly targeted approach to drive improved site traffic and grow sales faster.

  • Grow converting traffic
  • Extend product reach
  • Strengthen engagement

Knexus is flexible, fast to implement and easy to use

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