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Personalize content experiences for shoppers

Providing individual shoppers with personalized content experiences based on their interests and intent is a powerful way to improve conversion and increase repeat purchases.

Match the best content for the right shopper

Product recommendations for shoppers is a familiar feature, but how about creating personalized customer journeys using social and marketing content - that’s where Knexus comes in.

Knexus platform uses AI, proprietary algorithms and real time decision making to automatically match customer data with social and marketing content, delivering highly targeted content experiences in real time for shoppers within ecommerce, apps or other digital touchpoints.

Ready to go

With Knexus API, the platform is ready to integrate with the leading eCommerce platforms including Hybris and Salesforce Commerce Cloud. You can also quickly and easily connect up your content sources, such as social channels or CMS.

Personalize your shopper experience with social content

Give your customer’s shopping experience that personal touch.

Make your best social content (celebrity, how to guides, other primary content etc) work harder by weaving it into your customer's buying journey. Complement your product content by making social content part of the shopping experience, presenting it to your shoppers in the most personal way.

Using proprietary algorithms and real time decision making, Knexus automatically chooses the best available content to display for individual shoppers on sub-category, product pages or elsewhere in your online store.

Enrich your shopper experience with high relevance content that improves search performance, increases conversion rates and gets consumers returning for more. Use Knexus to deliver your best social content at scale, either 1:1 or for audience segments.

  • Grow repeat purchase
  • Strengthen brand engagement
  • 9% Increase in conversion

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