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As a Social media marketer you strive to engage with your audience in real time and understand the value of being able to personalize messaging to individual users or audience segments. Effective audience segmentation leads to stronger brand interaction, customer satisfaction and ties back into your brand’s commercial objectives.

Social media teams face numerous challenges in an increasingly noisy marketplace. Not simply connecting with audiences on an individual and personal level, but also dealing with a steady decline in organic reach over recent years. Social marketers need to be able to provide personal interactions on an individual or segment level. The most successful social media marketers humanise their brand and build authentic relationships, while consistently delivering captivating content quickly, using data to back their intuition.

Knexus platform empowers you to distribute personalized social content experiences to any digital touchpoint, for individual customers or target audience segments of choice.

The platform sits in the core of your content marketing strategy and easily integrates with other platforms such as your brand’s Facebook page, Instagram, Youtube and socila media marketing tools via the flexible API. Knexus personalizes content through predictive or rule-based targeting and automatically delivers that content across channels. The platform provides powerful insights with a complete view of your content and customers across those touch points, with impressive real time optimization capabilities.

Here are a few examples of how social media marketers use Knexus to drive value to their business.

Personalize content using social listening intelligence

Exploit your social listening data in a way you didn’t think possible.

Take the intelligence from your social listening tools to personalize content 1:1 or on a segment based level. Use Knexus’ powerful content matching engine to select the most relevant content available for your brand and distribute across digital touchpoints of your choice; either automatically or through smart content recommendations (approved by you).

Utilise your social listening intelligence to distribute personalized content experiences to any digital channel and see your engagement ROI, customer loyalty and repeat purchases increase as a result.

  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Increase conversion
  • Strengthen engagement

Deliver personalized social content into targeted digital channels

Be relevant, timely and personal with your social content across any digital channel.

Match your brand’s best social content with consumer data in order to deliver highly personalized social experiences automatically or through smart content recommendations (approved by you), into any digital touchpoint. Choose between creating personalized experiences 1:1 or on a segment based level on the powerful and flexible interface.

Put your brand in the driving seat by ensuring social content works harder for your brand. Expand your social reach in the most personal, impactful way and see your engagement ROI sky rocket.

  • Strengthen engagement
  • Drive converting traffic
  • Grow social ROI

Knexus is flexible, fast to implement and easy to use

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