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Make Content Sell

Accelerate conversions by personalizing website pages with content that’s selected for each visitor in real time, through Knexus’ data-driven visual commerce platform.

Use Content to Boost eCommerce Sales

Deliver hyper relevant videos, articles, and social media posts on key pages


Personalize beyond offers

Automatically match your most influential content to relevant products and visitor profiles.
Embrace personalization that is based on adding value, not just discounts and recommendations.


A million visitors, a million pages

Say goodbye to static ‘digital brochures’.
The most effective content for each particular visitor at each particular moment is dynamically decided every time a page loads.


Completely automated

Knexus uses machine learning to automate every step, from tagging and indexing the latest content to delivering it on your website – no brand intervention required.


Grow your sales through visual commerce

As brands, we spend lots of marketing dollars creating powerful social media posts, videos, and articles to engage our customers. But there’s something missing.

Instead of impacting sales directly, your content is siloed in different channels. Away from people who need that extra push to buy.

Data-driven visual commerce changes that.

It creates rich, relevant content experiences that give your customers the confidence they need.

Taking key content across different sources, visual commerce enables you to create contextual, personalized buying moments that accelerate website conversions.

The power of millions

Imagine how good you would be at something if you did it a million times.

Knexus’ machine learning based solution keeps improving even after millions of decisions. Optimizing experiences. Enriching analysis. Driving up conversions.

Pinpoint exactly which content is driving revenue

Identify each content asset that directly contributes to your revenue goals, using this insight to guide future content creation. Through machine learning, Knexus continually tests which content sells more. No more A/B. Now, it’s A/Z.

Sell more through data-driven visual commerce

Bring your most powerful content onto your website pages and optimize each customer’s journey to increase conversions. Embed different content types across key pages, in turn creating rich buying moments that sell better.

Deliver one-to-one content experiences at scale

Accelerate your content personalization efforts by automatically presenting optimized one-to-one site pages. Take your most influential content from a variety of channels and sources to create dynamic pages that give your customers the confidence to buy.

Resources and insights

Not sure how to start making content sell? Explore our resources, case studies, and blogs. Or, have a conversation with Knexus about how visual commerce can help you.

Tell your story with content

Great products aren’t always enough to convert visitors into customers.

Where do customers look for reassurance, inspiration, or to understand what your brand stands for?

Increasingly, the answer is digital content – across editorial, video, and social media.

With Knexus, your most compelling content is automatically displayed when buying decisions are being made.




Create a faster path-to-purchase by matching your most impactful blog articles to each individual visitor at key buying moments. Or, enrich your articles with relevant products to increase conversions.



Place your videos, from YouTube or elsewhere, on key eCommerce pages to give your audience the confidence they need to buy. Show videos that promote your brand purpose, products, customer reviews, and more.

Social Media

Embed Instagram, Facebook and other social content across your website and give your visitors more ways to trust you. Combine brand and influencer posts as well as user-generated content to sell more.


Knexus automatically identifies the products featured in your images and creates relevant buying links, in turn making your content ‘shoppable’ and improving product discovery.