Customer Data

Customer Data

Identifies customer’s profile,
journey, interactions, affinities

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Marketing Content Optimization


Identifies content across repositories and auto-creates content intelligence

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Real Time Content Decision Making

Decision Making

Picks best content for a
customer in real time

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Personalized Customer Journey

Customer Journeys

Delivers highly relevant customer experiences (1-to-1 or segment)

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Higher conversion, average order value,
repeat purchase etc

content ROI icon

Content ROI


Make content work harder. Identify best performing content. Improve organic performance

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Automate content discovery, selection,
distribution & optimization

Our Clients

Helping leading brands improve engagement and sales

  • Blackrock - Knexus Customer
  • BNY - Knexus Customer
  • Dimension data - Knexus Customer
  • GSK - Knexus Customer
  • hilton hotels - Knexus customer
  • office depot - Knexus customer
  • sage group - Knexus customer
  • STA Travel - Knexus Customer

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