Knexus continually finds, indexes and tags content across multiple sources, uniting them in a dynamically updated single view.

From this single view, the most effective content can be automatically identified and leveraged across different channels to support a wider range of buying journeys.


Knexus uses machine learning to decide in real-time how to match each customer to the most effective content at the optimal points of their buying journey, based on a number of data sources.


Content is paired to customers through a dynamic, automated system. It’s fully scalable, and drastically reduces the amount of marketing resources needed to deliver relevant content.


Enjoy an attributable uplift in sales from automatically matching content to the products where it has the biggest impact on sales conversions.

With Knexus, never again will a customer have to leave your owned channel to find that product video or social proof that they needed in order to have confidence to purchase. It will be right there on your site or newsletter, at just the right time.