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Fortune 500 Consumer Products company accelerates customer acquisition with data driven email communications

3x higher in eCommerce sales

48% increase in unique CTOR

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Global Telecoms company implemented AI for one-to-one marketing with fully personalized email content for each subscriber, boosting sales performance

  • 28%
    increase in
  • 318%
    growth in
    annualized sales

Iconic Fashion brand auto-integrated influencer content into eCommerce buying journeys, acquiring more new customers and improving conversion

  • 21%
    new customers
  • 8%
    increase in

Global Telecommunications company shifted from products and offers based email communications to personalized, dynamic email content, improving customer loyalty

  • 32%
    increase in
    email CTR
  • 3%
    growth in
    reactivation rate

Luxury products retailer automatically integrated social & marketing content into eCommerce journeys and made it highly relevant for shoppers to improve conversion

  • 11%
    increase in
  • 14%
    drop off rates

Global Home Decor Retailer automatically matched the right content to the right customer, delivering highly relevant email communications to reduce churn

  • 13%
    reduction in
    churn rate
  • 65%
    team resources

Leading Insurer used AI to empower each sales person with highly relevant content during sales conversations with customers, improving sales performance & productivity

  • 20%
    increase in
    pipeline conversion
  • 35%
    more time
    in selling

Consumer Products company optimized content automatically at scale in their buying journeys to enhance the direct-to-consumer brand experience and improve conversion

  • 60%
    uplift in
    store traffic
  • 32%
    increase in
    eCommerce sales

Investment Management firm smoothed investors path to decision making & optimized website journeys with auto-embedded insights content of specific relevance to each visitor

  • 8%
    increase in
    lead generation
  • 42%
    content ROI

World renowned football club integrated most relevant products & other high value content, within its brand site journeys to grow internal traffic to its eCommerce store

  • 40%
    growth in
    store traffic
  • 17%
    higher average
    order value

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Knexus gives us that single view of all content we created across different production areas in our organization, breaking down the silos and intelligently delivering the best content experiences to our customers across multiple touchpoints.

Jonathan Newman
Chief Digital Officer

First of all, I’d like to thank you and your team so far for the great effort and smooth collaboration in these three months. The team managed the significant time pressure for the proof of concept and not trivial technical set-up very well.

Senior Online Marketing Manager