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We’re all aware that information gets stuck in emails, ticket systems & lost in the social media abyss. Customers demand & expect answers to their questions instantly. Knexus surfaces the content which best helps support customers & integrates it into the ecommerce journey. 

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Overview of Customer Support Content

Knexus matches each shopper or existing customer to the most relevant customer support content & integrates it into the ecommerce journey. At the same time as a shopper is consuming this content, Knexus automatically identifies & showcases the product best representing the content.


How-to-content is beneficial for attracting both new customers & retaining existing ones so why make it hard to find? Knexus automatically surfaces this content & delivers it in front of the right shopper or customer at the key moment of the buying journey. Knexus understands who needs this content & when.

Product demos

Demonstrating your products, whether that’s make-up, an item of clothing, or an electronic good, helps existing customers better understand it & shows shoppers how it compares to similar products out there. Integrating this content into the buying journey will not only increase sales but help install trust & credibility. 

Knowledge base content

In today’s digital world, customers expect easy access to information & want answers instantly. Instead of customers sifting through your knowledge base, Knexus integrates this vital content into the ecommerce journey & delivers it to the right customer when they need it most. 


Customers may not need a guide, demo or article. They may just require a quick fire answer & that’s where your FAQs come in. More often than not FAQs are hidden on separate page or at the bottom of a page. Knexus enables brands to deliver this content straight to the shopper or customer for instant access –  no matter what page their on. 

Support Content Can Be In Any Form


Your product demos are likely to be videos, even your how-to-content might be a video demonstration. Knexus automatically matches each customer to the relevant video, directing them to a dynamic & personalized landing page so the visitor doesn’t have to leave the site to consume the content. Alongside the video, the visitor is delivered a product recommendation which best matches the video’s message.


A picture speaks a thousand words, which might be how your brand chooses to support your customers, whether they’re infographics, images from influencers, customers or your brand. Knexus discovers images wherever they may live & automatically transforms them into personalized & shoppable assets. Through AI, Knexus delivers these images to the right customer at the key moment – giving shoppers the confidence to purchase.


Your how-to-content or knowledge base content may be on your blog. However, a great deal of blogs are separate from the ecommerce site meaning shoppers are not seeing this content in their buying journey. Knexus will integrate your customer support content from your blog into the ecommerce journey without any upheaval or platform integration & dynamically showcases it across individual buying journeys on your ecommerce site.


When a visitor lands on your website, they are served personalized articles, whether that’s content from your knowledge base or how-to articles, & are directed to a dedicated landing page to consume the content. As the visitor reads the article, Knexus automatically identifies & displays product recommendations based on the article that initially caught their interest. Feeling confident after consuming the content, the visitor is ready to buy.

Results from Customer Support Content

By simply integrating customer support content into buying journeys & dynamic product recommendations alongside, brands have seen a significant improvement in sales, CSAT score & bounce rate.


+32% Sales uplift


+41% CSAT Score


-31% Bounce Rate

Enquire about your subscription plan

Knexus offers a Single Use subscription plan which is perfect for brands looking to get started with less investment – allowing brands to start small & scale up if desired. Start with your customer support content & see if it’s for you!