This global financial services brand is facing a highly competitive marketplace where standing out from the competition, achieving better cut through with messaging and engagement audiences are all challenging. The Company also needs to better educate both existing and potential customers on less well know products it offers in order to grow sales.


The Company generates a significant amount of social and marketing content through its social media activities, blogging, expert videos, research, editorial and sponsorship investments. However its approach to content distribution and engagement is quite traditional, with very limited personalization and targeting based on customer profile, behaviour and journey at the time of engagement. Also, whilst the CRM and Insights team have a focus on capturing, organising and leveraging customer data more effectively, this has had limited application in terms of marketing content to-date. Finally, the marketing team is limited in how it can engage across key channels due to resource constraints.


Knexus defined and implemented a proof of concept (PoC), using its data driven content personalization and delivery platform, to match the brand's social & marketing content with customer data to create personalized customer experiences that accelerate sales.

The approach addresses three key requirements ie. customer intelligence, content to drive engagement and conversion, plus channels/customer touchpoints. From the outset, decisions on these requirements were anchored against a clear understanding of the brands business objectives, in this case to raise awareness of new products and improve conversion.

With customer intelligence, data sources are sometimes dependent on channel of engagement. For example, in an eCommerce environment Knexus uses its predictive analytics to identify customers and their requirements. With mobile app delivery, Knexus will leverage CRM and transaction history data. The data sources available in this case included Salesforce, Marketo, Google Analytics & transaction history. For the purposes of the PoC, one data source only was used.

On the content side, the brands relevant social & marketing content sources are seen by Knexus platform through an API Connector into the Content Management System, plus feeds from WordPress, YouTube and Facebook.

The customer intelligence generated from the data was then automatically matched with available content to determine the most relevant content experience, and automatically distributed out to the websites and via email. With Knexus' easy-to-use audience and content logic interface, the brand can refine how the personalization algorithms perform, and use the platforms analytics for insights on attribution, content performance and engagement.


This leading financial services brand has started down the path to effective content personalization, leveraging its data to create smarter targeting of content experiences for customers and prospects. Their customers get more relevant and compelling brand experiences, whilst the Company is working its content harder and improving performance. There has been a 20% increase in engagement with content, 13% in CTA’s and 4% uplift in conversion. By using Knexus platform’s automated content selection and distribution, the Company can also scale its targeting without requiring significant new resources in support.


growth in online brand engagement


improvement in CTA


increase in sales performance.