Make content sell with Knexus

Knexus visual commerce platform automatically delivers personalized & shoppable influencer, social & brand content to the right customer at the key moment – giving shoppers the confidence to purchase.

Create confident buying decisions

across the ecommerce journey

Automatically identify & surface the content which will influence purchase decisions for every shopper

Knexus uses AI to surface, tag & index your content wherever it lives and whoever it’s from; whether that’s you, influencers or customers. The platform then automatically matches each shopper to the relevant content – identifying which content is most suitable & will influence each shopper’s buying decisions. 

Free content from channel silos & automatically integrate it into your ecommerce store

Social media has opened up a world of opportunity for brands to connect with shoppers. But why aren’t brands using this influential content across their ecommerce site/store? Knexus dynamically surfaces any content from your brand, influencers & customers, in front of each shopper at the right moment of their ecommerce journey. No manual tagging or segmentation required.

Match shoppers to content & content to products for personalized & shoppable experiences

Don’t make shoppers search for support & validation – surface content to the right shopper at the key moment of their buying journey. At the same time as a shopper is consuming this content, they see relevant product recommendations, dynamically identified by Knexus. This allows shoppers to gather all the information & validation they need without having to research elsewhere – creating a seamless transition from the moment of influence to the point of sale.


‘Within a few months of putting Knexus live, we’d seen a 162% year on year sales uplift from our website.’

— Zyrtec

"One of the reasons we like working with Knexus is how seamless it is from setup and integration to launch and management. There is no manual resource required to manage the platform once live, everything is automated which saves our team time so they can focus on output."

— Johnson’s Baby

"The team gained unique insight into how their articles, posts, videos, and other assets directly impacted sales performance. This meant that the team could connect the content within their CRM campaigns to sales for the first time ever."

— O2 Telefonica

Choose the content you want to transform 

Instagram posts? Videos? Blog posts? Everything?

Knexus is versatile and adaptable to your ecommerce goals. You can choose how you use Knexus, whether that’s for one specific type of content such as Instagram, video, blog, brand content, or absolutely everything. Take a look at the subscription plans to choose the best way to make content sell for your brand.

Strengthen your Salesforce Marketing Cloud campaigns

Work smarter, not harder, by supercharging SFMC campaigns

Automatically deliver personalized campaigns to every subscriber – dynamically matching product offers & recommendations with your most relevant articles, social posts, images, influencer collaborations, & UGC. Bid farewell to the manual tasks needed to run your Salesforce campaigns – everything from segmentation, content & product selection to populating email templates & optimizing each campaign is fully automated. Plus, Knexus plugs into SFMC quickly & easily – no disruption or complexity. 

Results from leading brands

Brands have seen significant increase in sales, conversions and engagement with Knexus. Read the case studies to learn how O2 Telefonica & Johnson’s Baby achieve these results with visual commerce.


+120% Sales


+176% Conversions


+104% Content CTR

O2 Telefonica case study

Explore how O2 Telefonica delivers captivating email campaigns that convert, uplifting it’s eCommerce sales by 318%.

Discover how Johnson’s Baby delivers personalized content experiences that sell with visual commerce – increasing sales by +120%.

Trusted by leading brands



Emma's Diary - Knexus customer

Emma's Diary

Johnson's Baby

02 Telefonica

Zyrtec - Knexus customer


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