Industries: Consumer Products

With the rise of digital channels and social shopping, Consumer Products brands need to align all touchpoints and create hyper-relevant experiences for their customers. This is imperative for building brand loyalty and improving sales, especially for direct to consumer brands.

Knexus AI platform enables global Consumer Products brands to deliver the latest, most relevant content for each customer in real-time across eCommerce, websites, email and mobile apps.

Automatically choosing the best content at the right time to inform, educate and inspire customers, Knexus substantially increases buying decisions.

Knexus delivers proven results by increasing acquisition, conversion, cross selling and loyalty, whilst reducing marketing operations costs.

Here are unique ways Knexus helps brands substantially grow customer buying decisions with hyper relevant content

Single View of all Content

Knexus indexes social, marketing & product content in real time, using AI to generate rich intelligence on every asset

Personalized Newsletters

Knexus auto creates fully personalized content for each subscriber, transforming newsletter performance

Dynamic eCommerce Content

Knexus auto embeds influential content into buying journeys, providing customers with all relevant information to make buying decisions

Mobile App Engagement

Knexus integrates hyper relevant content into mobile app journeys to boost brand loyalty and sales performance

One Virtual View of all Content

Content challenge

Brands are creating more content than ever before on multiple platforms

But struggle to give each customer the latest and most relevant content

The result is customers not confident or convinced enough to buy

Making Content Work Harder

Knexus searches all content across multiple sources, in real time

AI tags every piece & enriches it with machine learning

Content embedded within digital customer journeys in real time

Personalized Newsletters


Consumers are ignoring insufficiently relevant brand communications

Open & click-through rates are going down whilst unsubscribe rates increase

Executing campaigns is slow, resource intensive and expensive to deliver

With Knexus

Pauline Aldrich

Existing Customer

Favourite Categories: Rings, Necklace

Products Viewed: Freshwater Pearl Ring

Each subscriber’s newsletter is fully personalized, based on his/her profile, wants and needs

Latest products and offers are combined with inspirational content to deliver a more effective customer experience

Delivery is fully automated, plugging into your existing email marketing system

Substantially increases engagement and orders

Dynamic eCommerce Content


Brands generate inspirational and educational content (e.g. how-to videos, Instagram posts) to influence consumer purchases

Content is siloed and not effectively integrated into shoppers digital journeys

With Knexus

Content is auto indexed and tagged in real-time

Hyper relevant influential and educational content is dynamically displayed in product pages

Fully automated approach with no manual effort required

Significantly improves add-to-cart, conversion and sales performance

Mobile App Engagement


Mobile apps can be a key source of traffic and customer engagement for brands

But they are often transactionally focused and fail to optimize user engagement

80% of apps are deleted by the user within 3 months of being downloaded

With Knexus

Andrew Hall

Products Owned: Air Conditioner, Smart Light Bulbs

Interests: Aircare, TV and audio

Knexus integrates most relevant content within the app for each user, in real time, based on their data

Personalized experiences improve brand affinity, and grow both cross & upsell performance

Client Case Studies

Featured Case Study

Fortune 500 Consumer Products company accelerates customer acquisition with data driven email communications

3x higher in eCommerce sales

48% increase in unique CTOR

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