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With over 60% of Telco brands estimated to be investing in new AI systems, industry leaders understand the necessity of delivering personalized, helpful experiences to their customers.

Knexus AI platform is used by global leading telco brands to deliver dynamic and hyper-relevant content to customers in real-time across eCommerce, websites, mobile apps and email. The results are a rapid and substantial uplift in sales performance, combined with more automated and cost effective marketing operations.

Here are some unique ways that Knexus helps Telco brands substantially grow the number of customer buying decisions with hyper relevant content.

Single View of all Content

Knexus creates one single view of all your content across different systems and uses AI to generate rich intelligence on every asset

Personalized Email Campaigns

Auto populates fully personalized content for each subscriber & changes the content mix to keep subscribers engaged

Dynamic Content Integration

Auto integrates influential content within buying journeys, providing customers all relevant information to help them make buying decisions

Mobile App Optimization

Engages mobile app users with most relevant content to boost brand affinity and increase both cross sell and upsell performance

Single, Live View of all Content

Brands content challenge

Brands are creating more content than ever before on multiple platforms

However, it’s difficult to understand, manage and query

Content is often created for a single purpose/period, then never used again

Making Content Work Harder

Knexus searches all content across multiple sources, in real time

AI tags every piece & enriches it with machine learning

Content embedded within digital customer journeys in real time

Personalized Email Campaigns


Email marketing is a key primary tool for Telco brands to drive traffic and sales

But consumers are filtering out irrelevant emails, resulting in open & click-through rates going down whilst unsubscribe-rates up

And email campaigns are slow, resource intensive and expensive to deliver, especially when segmenting distribution lists

With Knexus

Brian Turner

Products Owned: iPhone 8 pay monthly

Contract Length: 3 months

Products Viewed: Samsung Galaxy S10

Each subscribers email contains fully personalized content based on his/her profile, wants and needs

Latest products and offers are enriched with best inspirational/informational content to deliver a more balanced and engaging experience

Delivery is fully automated and plugs into the existing email marketing systems

Substantially increases email click-through, open-rate and orders

Dynamic Content Integration


There is a significant amount of helpful content (branded or 3rd party) which is regularly used by consumers to inform a purchase

Often content is not being leveraged at point of purchase to help shoppers make decisions

With Knexus

Content is indexed in real-time and run through machine learning

Helpful and influential content is dynamically displayed in product pages to improve conversion

AI and machine learning fully automate the approach (no manual effort and resource required)

Increases add-to-cart, conversion and sales

Mobile App Optimization


Mobile apps are the fastest-growing platform for online purchases

Whether the primary objective is to engage and inform the customer, or to sell products, most apps don’t not take into account the individual customer’s profile

There’s a high probability of delivering an irrelevant, uninspiring customer experience: 80% of apps are deleted by the user within 3 months of being downloaded

With Knexus

Joanna Brewster

Products Owned: Galaxy S10 pay monthly

Contract Length: 24 Months

Interests: Music, Movies

Knexus integrates most relevant content into the app for each user, in real time, based on their data

Personalized experiences improve brand affinity, and grow both cross sell & upsell performance

Client Case Studies

Featured Case Study

Global Telecoms company implemented AI for one-to-one marketing with fully personalized email content for each subscriber, boosting sales performance.

28% increase in checkouts

318% growth in annualized eCommerce sales

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