Knexus vs Photoslurp

Let’s delve into the differences between Knexus and Photoslurp to ensure you pick the right product for your ecommerce needs.

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Knexus vs Photoslurp at a glance


Complete view of all your content

Automate indexing & tagging of social & marketing content

Content Personalization for individual customers

Shoppable Content

Scale content

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Customers fail to convert in the buying journey due to missing validation content at the key buying moments. It is vital you choose the right platform that suits your ecommerce goals and needs.

UGC, influencer images & videos, blogs & articles


Knexus uses AI to automatically collect, tag & index social & marketing content


Knexus matches each customer to content for personalized buyer journeys


Knexus uses AI to match your best performing content to the most relevant products


Knexus is scalable across your ecommerce site, email, PPC landing pages & mobile app

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Knexus visual commerce platform automatically delivers personalized & shoppable social and marketing content to the right customer at the key moment – giving shoppers the confidence to purchase.

Earned Influencer & UGC images & videos only


No AI or ML. All content tagging & indexing is done manually


No personalization across buyer journeys for individual customers


Manual process. Tagging of products & content is manual. No AI or ML to suggest which product best matches your content


Scalable across ecommerce site, blog and social media

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Enterprise ready visual commerce platform to connect with your customers over the content they create about you.

6 reasons why Knexus is the best Photoslurp alternative

Fully Automated

Knexus is fully automated from content & product selection to delivery & optimization. No manual input required.

Discover & Categorize Content

No matter where your content is or whatever form it’s in, Knexus will find it. Knexus uses AI to tag, index and categorize content whether it be an influencer post, video or blog post.

Personalization For Every Customer

Knexus builds unique customer profiles to understand what makes them tick & what motivates them to buy. Knexus matches each customer to the relevant content in real-time.

Dynamic Shoppable Content

Through the power of AI, Knexus integrates personalized purchase options into relevant content assets which automatically tightens the moment of influence & the point of sale.

Scale Content

The Knexus platform is scalable across your website & app to email & PPC landing pages.

Analyze & Optimize Content

Through machine learning Knexus continually builds intelligence around both content & customers. Our advanced content analytics automatically identifies your best converting content, for continuous improvement.

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