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Get your paid search performance up to speed by tailoring the content and products on your landing pages to each person’s search intent – with visual commerce from Knexus.

Impress, persuade and sell more with visual commerce

Adapt your landing pages based on intent

Influence the decisions of your visitors by matching your PPC landing pages to each individual’s search intent. Create a more valuable experience through relevant product recommendations, videos, influencer posts, and more – all based on the search query.

Improve paid performance with every click

Pair your most relevant products and persuasive content with each visitor’s intent and strengthen paid search performance. Knexus adapts its decision-making around your content and products after every visit to make your landing pages more effective.

Boost conversions with contextual content

Make each buying journey easier by placing your brand content, customer selfies, and influencer collaborations with the most relevant products for each shopper. Boost your paid search success through one-to-one contextually relevant experiences.

Deliver personalized landing pages at scale

Give every person who clicks on your paid search ads a personalized and engaging experience in the milliseconds it takes for your landing page to load. Knexus is a fully automated platform, which means you can scale your approach quickly and easily.

Create engaging experiences that lead to better results

Help searchers find what they need

Create a memorable experience by providing each visitor with the exact products and content they need to complete a sale or action. Matching elements within your PPC landing pages to search intent makes the path to purchase easier and more satisfying. 

Put a stop to high bounce rates

Perfecting PPC landing pages is hard. Minimize your bounce rates for good by introducing more value for each shopper. Embed relevant products and evergreen content from YouTube, Instagram, and more to keep visitors on your website for longer. 

Guide traffic in the right direction

Create PPC landing pages that resonate with your audience and influence them to take specific actions. As decisions are driven by emotion, embedding relevant, value-added content establishes greater brand affinity and leads to more profitable outcomes. 

Ramp up revenue from your paid search campaigns

Uncover the content that converts best

Pinpoint the precise content assets and recommendations that drive the most conversions for each of your landing pages. Use this insight to improve the results of future paid campaigns, making more of what works and focusing less on what doesn’t. 

Drive down paid campaign costs

Improve your ad spend by making your PPC landing pages reflective of each person’s individual needs. Target long tail keywords with more profitable results by tailoring the content and products across your landing pages to each visitor’s original search intent. 

Results that keep on delivering

Create intelligence around all of your brand, influencer, and customer content, showing the most profitable pieces and products to the right person, at the right time. Build on your success each day, as Knexus learns more about your content and customers.

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