Strengthen Salesforce Marketing Cloud Campaigns

Knexus Platform plugs into Salesforce Marketing Cloud quickly and easily – no disruption or complexity. Simply supercharge your investment in SFMC.


Benefits of using Knexus with SFMC

Automate CRM processes

Bit farewell to the manual tasks needed to run your Salesforce CRM campaigns. Everything from segmentation to populating email templates, optimizing content delivery for each subscriber,  is fully automated.

Surface content at the key moment

Don’t make consumers search for support and validation. Automatically deliver personalized communications to support buying decisions at the key moment when consumers need it most. 

Be more relevant

Transform your CRM program communications from basic personalization to hyper relevant products and content for each subscriber at the key moment, dynamically based on their unique profile.

Analyze based on sales impact

Delve deeper into the performance of your Salesforce CRM campaigns. Gain insights into which content assets are impacting sales & engagement. Automatically optimize for smarter content investments.   

Fast time to value


Keep your existing tech

Your emails will still be sent with SFMC. Knexus sits on top, continuously optimizing open rates, CTRs, and engagement


Reduce overheads

Eliminate campaign creation costs & complexity with a fully automated approach driven with machine learning


Analyze instantly

Access comprehensive insights into each subscriber’s behaviour, from receiving a communication to making an online purchase

Knexus boosts brand’s CRM campaigns


+144% Sales


+38% Unique CTOR


-208% Unsubscribes

Why Knexus?


Fully automated

Knexus is fully automated from content & product selection through to delivery & optimization.

No content is off limits

Knexus transforms your content no matter what form it’s in whether it’s images, videos, articles, blogs – you name it.


Knexus is scalable across your ecommerce site, mobile app, CRM & PPC landing pages.

Based on machine learning

Through machine learning Knexus never stops learning, continually building intelligence around your content, products & customers.

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