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May 27, 2021 | Customer Journeys

Brands have content everywhere, whether it’s across social media, CMS, DAM you name it but in order for your strategy to scale as your content efforts expand, brands must be prepared to leverage the content to it’s fullest – beyond these native channels.  However the challenge arises when brands don’t have the time, capacity or capability to leverage this content. And the complexity of customer demands and the repetitive manual tasks such as indexing & tagging content and segmenting & personalizing content is almost impossible to achieve without a little extra help.

Did you know, companies that use automation are 3 times more likely to track and attribute their content marketing efforts to multiple touch points than brands without automation? It’s a no brainer. Let’s delve into some of the key reasons why ecommerce brands need to turn to automation. 

Understand your customers

Anticipating what a customer wants or needs is something ecommerce and marketers have been trying to achieve for a long time. Automation allows brands to quickly and effectively analyze data without the risk of errors – something that is not humanly possible to do.

An automated platform enables brands to understand their consumers better than ever before through the ability to scale infinite data, provide personalized experiences and uncover behaviors and attitudes.

Understand your content

Ecommerce teams are under pressure to increase purchase frequency, conversions and order values. The challenge arises when there is no visibility over what content is generating conversions and sales. Automation allows brands to not only measure the engagement of content more effectively but it provides analysis on content performance based on sales impact. This allows brands to make better informed content investments.

Take a look at how Knexus does just that, and more. 

Reduce marketing spend and content churn

Brands are spending more marketing dollars each year on content creation but have difficulty maximizing the content’s potential.

Automation allows brands to identify the best performing content and leverage those assets instead of frantically trying to churn out various pieces of content which may or may not convert. 

Harvard Business Review

Personalize content

As automation platforms allows brands to collect and analyze customer data, that’s the first step of the personalization process complete. 

Next brands need to match each customer to the right content. Attempting to do this manually is a mammoth task for ecommerce and marketing teams and let’s face it, it is virtually impossible to personalize each shoppers buying journey. This is where automation comes in. 

Adopting a platform like Knexus, which allows brands to automatically match customers to content and content to products not only personalized shoppers buying journeys, but makes them shoppable too. 

Take a look at how Knexus automatically delivers personalized & shoppable social and marketing content to the right customer at the key moment – giving shoppers the confidence to purchase.

Take a look at how Knexus automates everything

Knexus visual commerce platform is fully automated from content & product selection through to delivery and optimization. No human input needed.

Through machine learning and automation, Knexus takes on the vital but time-consuming tasks required to leverage content, whether it’s from your brand, influencers, partners or customers, from every channel and deploy it at scale across individual buyer journeys.

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