The 5 most common mistakes content marketers make

The 5 most common mistakes content marketers make

Content marketing is one of the most effective ways to increase brand awareness, broaden your customer base, and grow your business.Yet of the 85% of marketers using content marketing, only 35% feel their efforts are successful. As the content marketing space grows, so does the number of errors that marketers make.

Today we’ll be looking at the 5 most common mistakes brands make and how you can learn from them.


 Success in content marketing begins with having a well-detailed content strategy that clearly defines objectives, terms, and roles and responsibilities. Having a documented strategy in place gives your organization measurable goals against which to compare your results. For the last two years CMI survey’s shown the positive impact that documenting the content marketing strategy has on a marketer’s overall effectiveness. Almost 60% of those with a documented strategy rate themselves highly, in terms of content marketing effectiveness. There is no universal template when it comes to doing your content marketing strategy. There is no perfect content strategy. Each business must develop its own processes and review and refine them regularly. Notey,2015


Once you’ve established goals, you have something to measure against. Try different channels and see which work best for which goals. Test and iterate until you’ve found what works for your content mix. "Different distribution channels meet different goals. It’s important to define these goals first, then do the research necessary to determine which channel is a best fit. Ask someone in your network with similar goals what has worked for them. Pay attention to what content your audience is sharing, and where they are sharing it. Media monitoring and social listening can be useful for this." Kissmetrics,2016


most effective channels


Capitalizing on multiple different mediums also allows you to repurpose your content and get more mileage out of each and every post. Everyone has their own preferred method of learning. Some people learn best by reading, others by listening, while some are more visual learners. Diversifying your content allows you to reach those different types of learners.Optinmonster

Here are some different mediums you can use to repurpose your blog content and appeal to different types of learners:




-Downloadable PDFs

-Slide Decks



-Online Courses

-Live Streaming Presentations



neglecting seo

Business Insider,2016


Content marketing isn’t SEO. Yes, high-quality content is important in order to rank well. But search engines demand more than that. According to Marketing Land "Content creation strategies should be based on a thorough SEO analysis, including advanced keyword research. Without SEO, content marketing efforts can’t reach their full potential with regard to online visibility. Even content that is well-written, attractively presented and expensive to create will underperform without careful preparatory research."


According to PQ Media’s Global Content Marketing Forecast 2015-19, $145bn was spent on content marketing in 2014. If we accept that at least 60% of budget is being wasted on content that is created and then never used or distributed then content marketing has a $50bn problem. Taking time to understand all the content that has currently been created in your organisation is a helpful start to understand what is being used and what has fallen by the wayside. Digital Marketer suggests that understanding the root of this problem, whether it’s because the content created by marketing isn’t logged or useful, or simply because it isn’t being proactively used to nurture sales opportunities, is the first step to improving sales and marketing content effectiveness.

It’s time to realise the high costs of content wastage and do something about it.


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