AI Email Content Optimization

Declining customer engagement with campaigns, increasing churn, customer expectations rising fast and competitors getting better at delivering great content. All factors that are challenging brands today.

Customers expect more relevant communications from your brand, but current capabilities and processes are too slow, complex and expensive to meet the challenge.

Dynamically Populating Emails at Scale

Building personalized campaigns is labour intensive, complex and expensive. Static content, manual updates, a time consuming creative process. All symptoms of the capability and process challenges brands have to overcome to engage customers successfully.

Plugging Knexus into your existing email marketing package allows you to dynamically populate as many different variations of communication as you have customers and content. This fully scalable approach substantially reduces time, resources and associated costs for your communications.

Matching Customer Data & Best Performing Content

A data driven view of customers, using AI, machine learning and predictive analytics, is key to improved relevance and personalization. But if content is pre-defined and manually updated, delivering effective communications will remain slow and complex, with sub-optimal results.

Knexus combines a deep understanding of customers, using advanced analytics, with a dynamic view of all available content. It then matches unlimited numbers of customers with the best and most relevant content in real time.

Leveraging Marketing and Social Content to Deliver Tailored Communications

What level of personalization is good enough for your customers. Is it sufficient for every customer to get the same communication, to segment customers with predefined content, or provide latest products and promotions only.

Increasingly none of these options are enough. Each customer expects relevant content to help, inform and inspire them to engage and invest with your brand.

Knexus enables the auto-selection and delivery of the best, latest, most relevant product, marketing or social content to improve the customer experience and outcomes.

Global Home Decor Retailer Case Study

Shifting from products and offers focused email communications to a richer customer experience has resulted in better campaign performance, with a 37% increase in email click through rates. Most significantly there’s been a 13% reduction in churn rate with this new approach.