Customer Journey Content Integration

Customer expectations are rising fast. Customers demand relevancy at the right time and through the right channels. They also expect a brand experience that goes beyond a great product, adding value at every touchpoint.

Brands need to integrate their most valuable content more effectively into customer journeys and deliver personalization and relevant content at scale. Otherwise, customers will vote with their wallets, shifting loyalty and spend to more enlightened brands.

Generate a A Single View of All Your Content

Add up all the content your brand creates across social media, blogs, email & SEO campaigns, videos & more. Chances are your content gets stuck in silos and is used for one purpose only, when it should be informing and inspiring more customers.

Knexus creates a single, virtual view of all content, breaking down silos to ensure you target each customer with the best experience at the right time.

Auto Integrate Your Best Content At Scale

Integrating content into customer journeys can be slow, complex and resource intensive. Hiring content curators is a short term fix. But these resources face sustained pressure as content volumes grow, customer journeys multiply and customer expectations accelerate.

Knexus automatically monitors the latest content available at all times, using advanced analytics to intelligently deliver content experiences to customers in real time across eCommerce, websites, mobile apps etc.

Deliver the Right Content to the Right Customer at the Right Time

Customers are increasingly difficult to engage with and demand relevant content at the right time and across different channels. A one size fits all approach to content is eroding customer loyalty and sales. Even combining customer data with a limited choice of content is sub-optimal, losing sales and handing the advantage to competitors.

Our AI decision making engine creates a dynamic view of the latest and best content available, combines it with deep understanding of each customers needs and wants, and then intelligently matches these to achieve the best outcome in terms of delivering the right content to the right customer at the right time.

Client Case Studies

Luxury products retailer automatically integrated social & marketing content into eCommerce journeys and made it highly relevant for shoppers to improve conversion

  • 11%
    increase in
  • 14%
    drop off rates

Consumer Products company optimized content automatically at scale in their buying journeys to enhance the direct-to-consumer brand experience and improve conversion

  • 60%
    uplift in
    store traffic
  • 32%
    increase in
    eCommerce sales

Investment Management firm smoothed investors path to decision making & optimized website journeys with auto-embedded insights content of specific relevance to each visitor

  • 8%
    increase in
    lead generation
  • 42%
    content ROI