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We understand your challenges when it comes to CRM loyalty. It’s getting hard to engage busy customers, with more competition and content fighting for their attention that ever before.

However, if you deliver content that is relevant to customers, educating them, providing ideas or inspiration rather than simply attempting a hard sell, there’s a great opportunity to build stronger brand affinity and boost share of wallet. But getting the right content to the right customer at the right time can be slow, complex and expensive.

Here’s how Knexus can enable your brand to deliver hyper-relevant content experiences to customers at scale and speed, improving eCommerce conversion, average order value and sales.

Generates a single view of all your content

Create one view of all your marketing, social and product content, including automated tagging and other content intelligence

Understands each of your customers in-depth

Understand each customers profile, affinities, transactional history etc and uses AI & machine learning to create powerful customer intelligence

Delivers content that is personal to each customer

Uses AI & machine learning to match content with customer data, delivering personalized communications to each customer triggered at the right moment

Dynamically populates content at scale

Knexus plugs into your existing tech stack to dynamically populate as many variations of communication as you have customers and content

How are brands using Knexus to Improve Loyalty

AI Email Content Optimization

Dynamically populate and quickly deliver highly personalized email communications at scale, to improve loyalty and grow sales

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Global telecommunications company grows customer reactivation rate by 3% and improve email click through rates by 32% with personalized, dynamic email content

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