Site Traffic to eCommerce Store

Attracting traffic from your brand websites to your eCommerce shop is one of the most inexpensive and valuable sources of eCommerce sales. Without an intelligent approach to optimize that traffic, you’re literally ignoring high potential sales.

Learn how to engage your brand site visitors with relevant content that helps them find and spend in your eCommerce store.

Understand Your Customers Needs, Wants & Barriers

Understanding how your eCommerce offering can be most relevant and timely for visitors to your brand site(s) is key to converting traffic to shoppers. Clumsy selling can undermine the brand experience and alienate customers. And without ensuring relevance for customers, you’ll frequently be ignored.

Knexus uses advanced machine learning and AI to understand each customers profile, behaviour, journey and more. This customer intelligence is the foundation for promoting your eCommerce offering effectively.

Display Most Relevant Content on Brand Sites

The eCommerce store is just one part of your brands website presence. Your website visitors are getting news, consuming content, comparing offers, finding help and much more.

Those visitors have a stronger brand affinity compared with traffic acquired for your eCommerce store from most other sources. So by promoting your eCommerce offering in a way that’s highly relevant to their journey & needs, you achieve a very cost effective and efficient way to grow store traffic and sales.

Knexus displays product content within your brand sites or mobile apps, using a flexible solution that is simple and fast to implement.

Benefit from Automated, Dynamic, Real Time Delivery

How many times have you been promised that a piece of technology will solve your problem, only to find that it’s a lot harder to integrate than you anticipated, generating lots of extra work when you’ve already got more than enough.

Knexus doesn’t replace existing parts of your tech stack. It plugs in very quickly and easily, adding content and customer intelligence with real time delivery. Plus the AI led automation really does mean less work, with time freed up to analyse and optimize performance.

Premier Football Club Case Study

By targeting visitors to the Club's main site with more personalized offerings from the eCommerce store, this leading football club grew total eCommerce traffic by 16%. With more loyal visitors, the Club achieved a 30% improvement in conversion and 17% increase in average order value.