Why Knexus?

Knexus enables brands to leverage influencer, UGC & brand content by integrating it into the entire buyer journey at key buying moments. Gain more confident buying moments & sales.


Convert more customers


+333% Sales


+188% Conversions


+125% Content CTR

Not a one size fits all approach

The Knexus platform is scalable across your website & app to email & PPC landing pages. Decide which channel you want to scale & showcase content wherever the customer is.

Not a one size fits all approach

Paid Search Personalization

Paid Search Personalization

In the milliseconds it takes for your landing page to load, Knexus automatically integrates the most relevant content & products to match each shopper’s search intent. 

Hyper relevant CRM campaigns

Hyper Relevant CRM Campaigns

Automatically populate your emails with the most relevant content & products based on each subscriber’s affinities, interests, purchases, and more.

Accelerate website conversions

Accelerate Website Conversions

Integrate influencer, UGC & brand content into your ecommerce site/store. Surface the right content at the key moment for every shopper during their ecommerce journey. 

Personalize in-app experiences

Personalize In-App Experiences

Dynamically surface the most relevant product recommendations & content – whether it’s from you, your influencers or your customers – directly into the mobile app.

Why visual commerce?

Knexus enables brands to deliver influencer, UGC & brand content across individual buying journeys. Tightening the moment of influence & the point of sale.

Create confident buying moments

Customers fail to convert in the buying journey due to missing validation content at key buying moments.

Knexus enables brands to unlock this content whether that’s influencer posts, UGC, YouTube videos or blogs, and automatically integrate it into each buying journey for confident purchases. 

Provide social proof

Consumers are relying on social proof and user generated content more than ever. When customers don’t have confidence in your brand or products, they abandon the journey and look elsewhere.

Through AI and machine learning, Knexus enables brands to showcase influencer, UGC & brand content to the right shoppers at the key moment no matter where they are.

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