About Knexus

We make content sell. Knexus is a revolutionary platform based on artificial intelligence and machine learning which helps brands deliver visual social and marketing content to the right customer at the key moment.


Trusted by industry leading brands

Johnson's Baby - Knexus customer

Johnson's Baby

Emma's Diary - Knexus customer

Emma's Diary

O2 Telefonica - Knexus customer

02 Telefonica

Zyrtec - Knexus customer


Who we are

We’re an ambitious and creative bunch who get restless when sitting still. We’re at our best when we’re ripping up the rule book and doing things that have never been done before.

What makes us different?

Yes, that’s an elephant with stripes. Different, right? Just like Knexus.

We do more than simply embed Instagram and YouTube content on your site like many platforms out there. Brands need help beyond this. Enter Knexus.

Knexus is the only fully automated platform able to index, tag and categorize content whether it’s from you, your customers, influencers or partners and match it to the right customers at the right moment and integrate it into individual buyer journeys. 

The money maker

We make all of this content shoppable. Through the power of AI, Knexus integrates personalized purchase options into relevant content assets which automatically tightens the moment of influence and the point of sale.

Knexus helps ecommerce brands to overcome the headaches & common challenges

Stubborn conversion rates

High customer acquisition costs

Lack of customer loyalty

Low online revenue

High revenue goals

Static marketing budget

Manual segmentation

Low conversions

Our promise

We deliver better, validated and confident buying moments for your brand and customers at every digital touch point.

Our vibe

At Knexus, we reinvent what’s possible – through visual commerce – to help your brand achieve the most profitable results.