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Boost Sales And Engagement With App Personalization


Personalize app journeys and increase revenue with hyper relevant content selections that are dynamically matched to products. Deliver the right videos, articles, and other content to create the most effective experience for every user.

Benefits of Knexus’ App Personalization

Monetize great content experiences

Display the content that is most likely to engage each indiviual user, then turn that engagement into purchase intent by automatically matching each piece of content to relevant products. 


Understand content performance

Access engagement metrics for all of your app content, then dig deeper to see which pieces of content lead to buying decisions. Prove ROI and optimize future content creation.

Ongoing optimization

Knexus uses machine learning to determine the most effective content for each user at each particular moment. The longer it runs, the better the platform understands which content will convert.



A fully automated solution

You don’t need more tools that require yet more headcount. Knexus plugs quickly and easily into your existing tech stack, and can continually run effectively with minimal manual intervention.

Rich And Relevant App Experiences 

The optimal experience for each user

Knexus connects your customer data to robust intelligence on every content asset to deliver the right content to the right user at the right time.

Deliver a new experience every time your app is opened 

Create a fresh, dynamic, and contextually relevant content experience every time your app is opened. Users can be presented with new content selections every time, increasing time spent on the app.

Boost loyalty among app users

Foster brand loyalty and brand advocacy by creating a positive user experience, delivered on a one-to-one basis.

Go Further With Content

Unlock your best content

Leverage the best of your existing investment in content, automatically and at scale. Knexus connects into multiple sources of content, from social channels and YouTube to your CMS.

Understand performance and ROI

The Knexus content analytics dashboard quickly and easily brings clarity to your content performance. Prioritize content creation based on performance insights, or see sales attributable to each piece of content.

Continually optimize your app experience

With over 2 million apps available in the app store, there’s a lot of competition for your customer’s time. Knexus not only tracks which content generates clicks, time spent in app, and ultimately sales, it automatically and continually optimizes the ‘where, when, and what’ of displaying content.

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