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Fast-track buying journeys with articles that educate and inform

Article content – whether it’s on your blogs, online magazine or elsewhere – gives you the chance to educate and inspire customers, giving them great ideas on how your products can be used. If your brand understands the power of written content on your site, but relies on customers navigating to that content themselves, then it’s time to take the initiative and bring the content to the customer.

Manual curation will only take you so far. While some success can be had without a data-driven approach, the lack of scalability will quickly render it uneconomic.

Knexus’ data-driven visual commerce platform uses machine learning to identify the right article content for each customer at optimal moments in their buying journey. This means you can give each and every customer the information that is most relevant to them when they need it most, automatically and at scale.

Your articles, tagged

Knexus uses AI & machine-learning to index and tag all of your article content, and stores it in a single view so it can be paired with customer and product data, enabling real-time decisioning as to when and where it should be delivered.

The right article for each customer

The great irony of your brand’s article content is that the more that’s created, and the better you serve more customer needs with that increase of content, the harder it is for the customer to find the content that is truly relevant to them.

Knexus brings the content to the customer, delivering articles at optimal moments to enhance the quality and consistency of their experience.

Drive more sales

Using content, customer and product data, Knexus determines the most effective content to be delivered on a product page for each visitor.

So when your customer decides they need a little bit more information before they’re confident enough to make a purchase, you can give them the content they need, right at their fingertips.


The Knexus platform doesn’t just measure its overall improvements on sales and engagement metrics, it also breaks down results by each article and post, giving you a powerful insight into which pieces of content are most effective.

Case Studies

Mobile network operator improved customer journeys onsite by giving each customer the right content to make buying decisions, boosting engagement and sales performance


grown in conversion


increase in content CTR
Global insurance company shifted from products and offers based newsletters to fully personalized, dynamic email content for each customer, improving customer loyalty


increase in email CTR


growth in reactivation rate
Consumer Products company used AI to deliver hyper-relevant content at scale, creating personalized journeys on its website which improves sales exits to eRetailers


uplift in orders


increase in sales exits to eRetailers