Automatically recommend content to your sales team

Personalized content recommendations for your sales team

Is your Marketing team generating great content for colleagues in Sales but struggling to ensure they use the most relevant content at the right time.

Knexus platform analyses data to understand an individual salespersons business requirements (e.g. his/her region, product focus, target customers), simultaneously searches all relevant content being generated by marketing, and matches the two to automatically deliver relevant content into the sales person's CRM interface or personalized portal.

The Sales team get personalized recommendations, putting the best content at their fingertips to maximise sales effectiveness and save precious selling time. Meantime, Marketing are better able to support Sales, improve content ROI and free scarce resources by automating content selection and delivery.

  • Improve Sales Performance
  • Increase Content ROI
  • Save Time and Resource

Knexus is flexible, fast to implement and easy to use

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