Build connections with brand content

Brand content provides shoppers with insights into your brand values, ideals, ethics & what you stand for. It gives you a chance to connect with shoppers & strengthen relationships with existing customers. However, the challenge is delivering this content to the right shoppers & customers at the key moments during the buying journey. Enter Knexus.

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A snapshot of what you can showcase with Knexus

Knexus matches each customer to your most influential brand content & integrates it into the ecommerce journey across key buying moments. At the same time as a shopper is consuming this content, Knexus automatically identifies & showcases the product best representing your message.


Shoppers are increasingly favoring brands who apply sustainable practices & exercise ethical business standards. Knexus identifies which shopper will resonate with this topic & delivers it to them at the right moment of the buying journey.


Consumers expect relevancy, efficiency & good customer support, to name a few. Showcasing the improvements your brand is making, to meet the needs & demands of consumers, during key buying moments will help install trust & credibility.  


Most brands value quality as their top priority. Quality is one important factor which makes shoppers select a particular brand in front of its competitors. Knexus ensures the right shoppers & customers see this content when it matters most. 

Your story

Position your brand the way you want to by shaping & telling your story. Free your story from your ‘about page’ & integrate it into the entire ecommerce journey to educate shoppers at the optimal moment of their buying journey. 

Your brand content can be in any form


You may have videos talking about your core values, improvements, green credentials, to name a few. Knexus automatically matches each customer to the relevant video, directing them to a dynamic & personalized landing page so the visitor doesn’t have to leave the site to consume the content. Alongside the video, the visitor is delivered a product recommendation which best matches the video’s message.


A picture speaks a thousand words, which might be how your brand chooses to showcase your values, improvements or credentials. Knexus discovers images from your social or marketing platforms & automatically transforms them into personalized & shoppable assets. Through AI, Knexus delivers these images to the right customer at the key moment – giving shoppers the confidence to purchase.


Most brands share updates & news worthy stories on their blog. However, vast number of blogs are separate from the ecommerce site meaning shoppers are not seeing this content in their buying journey. Knexus integrates this blog content into the ecommerce journey without any upheaval or platform integration & dynamically showcases it across individual buying journeys on your ecommerce site.


When a visitor lands on your website, they are served personalized articles & directed to a dedicated landing page to consume the content. As the visitor reads the article, Knexus automatically identifies & displays product recommendations based on the article that initially caught their interest. Feeling confident after consuming the content, the visitor is ready to buy.

Brands see significant return from brand content

Brands have seen a significant improvement in sales, product CTR & bounce rate from brand content alone after implementing Knexus.


+35% Sales uplift


+68% Product CTR


-32% Bounce rate

Why Knexus?


Fully automated

Knexus is fully automated from content & product selection through to delivery & optimization.

No content is off limits

Knexus transforms your content no matter what form it’s in whether it’s images, videos, articles, blogs – you name it.


Knexus is scalable across your ecommerce site, mobile app, CRM & PPC landing pages.

Based on machine learning

Through machine learning Knexus never stops learning, continually building intelligence around your content, products & customers.

Enquire about your subscription plan

Knexus offers a Single Use subscription plan which is perfect for brands looking to get started with less investment – allowing brands to start small & scale up if desired. Start with your own brand content & see if it’s for you!