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Use your Instagram content to increase eCommerce sales

80% of Instagram accounts follow a business, making it a no-brainer for brands to engage with their customers on the platform. If your brand has embraced the potential of Instagram, you’ve likely created a range of great content for it which is sitting siloed in Instagram as a completely under-exploited asset.

Knexus’ data-driven visual commerce platform enables you to bring that content out of Instagram and place it, intelligently, at optimal points in a customer’s buying journey across your owned channels.

By combining customer data with the most effective Instagram posts, Knexus has seen rapid uplifts in sales with its customers. And it’s a completely scalable capability, so brands can see results from the home page all the way to the long-tail of their products and touch points without committing ever-more resources.

Your Instagram content, tagged

Knexus’ platform uses machine-learning to understand the what and the why of every Instagram post your brand creates, so that it can be used across your owned channels and paired with the right customer at the right time.

The right post to enrich each journey

Make your Instagram content work harder by deploying it across your website and newsletters, personalizing which content customers see based on their data.

Drive more sales

Brands understand that Instagram content can influence customers’ buying decisions, yet have so far not been able to bring this same content to where the influence can have the greatest effect: product pages.

By bringing the most effective Instagram content for each customer onto dynamically-generated personalized buying page, Knexus customers see a substantial uplift in sales.


Understand the effectiveness of Instagram content, not just on Instagram, but on your website and in your newsletters. And look not just at engagement metrics but, crucially, also how each piece of content is contributing to your top line.

This enables your brand to make more of the Instagram content that works, and less of what doesn’t.

Case Studies

Mobile network operator improved customer journeys onsite by giving each customer the right content to make buying decisions, boosting engagement and sales performance


grown in conversion


increase in content CTR
Global insurance company shifted from products and offers based newsletters to fully personalized, dynamic email content for each customer, improving customer loyalty


increase in email CTR


growth in reactivation rate
Consumer Products company used AI to deliver hyper-relevant content at scale, creating personalized journeys on its website which improves sales exits to eRetailers


uplift in orders


increase in sales exits to eRetailers