Connected to the tools you love

We’re focused on making it easy to connect Knexus to all the tech you’re already using to manage your marketing, content, and customer data.

No disruptions, just results

Evolution, not revolution

We don’t want to change the way you work, we just improve it. That’s why Knexus doesn’t replace any of your existing tech stack. Instead, it evolves the capabilities of your current systems to drive better results.

Fast time to value

Getting the use of customer data signed off is a common blocker to a new project. With Knexus in place, you can start increasing your sales, without data, in a matter of weeks, adding in these sources when you’re ready.

A self-learning system

Rather than bolting on the latest technology to a legacy system, Knexus has been built on AI and machine learning from the ground up – meaning there’s little to no resources needed to achieve results and maintain your success.

Make the most of your customer data and analytics

Knexus integrates with Neustar, Google Analytics, and more so that you can enrich your results and ensure exceptional customer experiences right from the outset.

Connect to your CMS and CRM systems

Whether you use Adobe, Drupal, Salesforce Marketing Cloud or something else, Knexus integrates with your CMS and DAM systems to deliver the right content, at the right time, to the right person.

Unlock the power of your content platforms

Integrating with Instagram, YouTube and many others, Knexus unlocks your content from your brand, influencers, and advocates – to deliver better buying moments.

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