Knexus for Ecommerce

Deliver best and latest content (marketing, social and product) in real time for eCommerce shoppers, making it hyper relevant to increase buying decisions

No Change in Existing Tech

Plugs into tech stack quickly & easily

Boost eCommerce Sales

Relevant content (beyond products) improves conversion

Reduce Costs

AI and machine learning fully automate approach

Dynamic Pages

Each visitor sees what’s most relevant to them

Leverage Social Content

Real time integration of influential content in buying journeys

Clear Attribution

Full analytics from engagement to purchase

Hear And Learn From Our Clients

Iconic Fashion brand auto-integrated influencer content into eCommerce buying journeys, acquiring more new customers and improving conversion

Consumer Products company optimized content automatically at scale in their buying journeys to enhance the direct-to-consumer brand experience and improve conversion

Luxury products retailer automatically integrated social & marketing content into eCommerce journeys and made it highly relevant for shoppers to improve conversion

Here's How It Works

Single View of All Content

Knexus searches all content across multi-sources in real time and uses AI to generate rich intelligence on every asset

Focus On Customer

Uses machine learning and predictive analytics to generate powerful customer intelligence such as profile, behavior and journey

AI Decision Making Engine

Knexus AI decision making engine automatically matches best content to each customer, based on their journey and needs, in real time

Auto Integrate Content At Scale

Auto-integrates dynamic content into customer journeys, enriching the customer experience and helping them make decisions

Powerful Data Analytics

Integrated insights mean you can fully track and identify ROI and content performance from engagement to purchase

No Techstack Changes

Knexus plugs in to your existing tech stack quickly and easily to reduce disruption & cost, and accelerate performance improvements

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