Guide: Master Your Content Across Touchpoints (2020)

Your brand’s content works. You’ve spent many marketing dollars creating videos, social campaigns and other editorial content that inspires and motivates your customers to buy.

Yet, the way we think about content is broken.

As marketers, we’re obsessed with being across many different channels. And for good reason too. We want to be where our customers are, and we want to amplify our brand narrative.

Problem is, we forget to tap into this content at key buying moments. Which leads to missed sales, abandoned carts and high bounce rates.

In this guide, you’ll get insights on:

  • Why you need to embed your visual content at key buying moments
  • How to tap into the power of YouTube & Instagram to boost sales
  • Personalizing your website/email campaigns with existing content
  • How to prove the ROI of your content

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