Binge-worthy mobile experiences that boost revenue

Drive more value by tailoring every in-app experience with personalized content based on each individual’s unique profile – with visual commerce from Knexus.

Connect, compel, and convert through visual commerce

Create mobile moments that win sales

Make each individual buying journey easier by matching your videos, articles, posts, and more with the most relevant products. Through machine learning and artificial intelligence, Knexus monetizes your content automatically, in real time, and at scale.

Boost revenue with content intelligence

Pair the right assets with the right individual by enriching your educational, influential, and inspirational content with intelligence. Knexus never stops learning about your content or your mobile users, refining every in-app experience for maximum results.

Make your mobile app unforgettable

Strengthen loyalty and boost the sales potential of every in-app experience by tailoring the content shown to each person’s interests and affinities. Knexus embeds your value-driven content to create contextually relevant content experiences that convert.

Deliver individualized content at scale

Give every individual the content that speaks best to them – whether it’s from you, your influencers, or your customers. Knexus automates everything from organizing and understanding each asset, all the way to pairing it with the right person and product.

Make your content work as hard as you do

Turn content into a discovery tool

Get added value from your educational articles, raving influencer videos, and more by automatically matching the right in-app content with the most relevant products. Guide your mobile audience to your products in new, useful, and engaging ways. 

Optimize content already in your app

Improve the success of your existing in-app content by powering it with content intelligence and customer data to create individualized experiences. Determine which of your assets generate the most click throughs, sales, and sales exits to e-Retailers. 

Prove the ROI of your in-app content

Quickly and easily bring clarity to the performance of your content in your mobile app. Pinpoint the ROI of your content efforts, enabling you to prioritize content creation based on revenue insights, or see sales attributable to each of your influential assets. 

Create mobile experiences your audience won’t forget

Get more eyes on your mobile app

Take all your successful content – from your value-driven videos to social proof from your customers – and reuse them to deliver fresh, relevant experiences every time your mobile app is opened. In turn, you’ll keep your audience engaged for longer. 

Influence buying decisions

Create a shorter path to purchase by delivering relevant and meaningful images, videos, articles, and more, on your mobile app for each individual. Knexus personalizes the content for every in-app experience, influencing sales and fostering brand loyalty. 

Create greater brand affinity

Strengthen positive emotions and deepen relationships with your audience by unlocking your most powerful YouTube videos, Instagram posts, and customer selfies, placing them at relevant moments within your mobile app. Turn first-time users into loyal fans. 

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