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Today’s digital-first customers demand more from a brand experience. They expect convenience, efficiency and a dynamic blend of digital and human service. They also demand greater relevance and sometimes personalization. Brands that don’t or can’t respond are seeing their traffic go elsewhere.

But with so much social, marketing and product content together with diverse customer needs, it’s challenging and complex to present the right content to the right customer at the right time.

Here's how Knexus can help you to improve customer acquisition by delivering highly relevant content experiences at scale and speed.

Creates a single view of all available content

Creates a single view of all content from different sources. Uses AI to auto-tag and generate rich content intelligence for all format and type of content asset

Data-driven understanding of your customers

Understand each customers’ preferences, journey, behaviour etc, and uses advanced machine learning and AI to create powerful customer intelligence

Decides most relevant content for each customer in real time

Automatically matches content with customer data using AI & machine learning, delivering best content in real time to help customers make decisions

Auto integrates best content into customer journeys

Tracks the latest content at all times and intelligently delivers hyper-relevant content experiences to customers across owned channels

How are brands using Knexus to Improve Customer Acquisition

Customer Journey Content Integration

Integrate your most valuable content effectively into customer journeys across multiple channels, to deliver relevance at scale & grow customer acquisition

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Investment management firm saw an 8% increase in lead generation by optimizing website journeys with auto-embedded insights content of specific relevance to each visitor

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