Knexus for video

The consumption of video is growing rapidly with 93% of consumers saying video is the most helpful when purchasing a product. So it begs the question, why aren’t brands using these influential videos to validate purchase decisions across their ecommerce store? Knexus enables brands to leverage video content across individual buying journeys.


Siloed Video Content


Integrated Video Content

Video content is missing from buying journeys

As videos from influencers, customers, your brand & partners are locked away on YouTube, Vimeo or wherever it may be, shoppers don’t see this validation content during buying moments in the ecommerce journey. Even if you embed videos onto your site, more often than not, shoppers are required to leave the site to watch the video – running the risk of losing customers altogether.


Video content is automatically integrated into the buying journey

Knexus automatically discovers, categorizes & indexes your videos whether that’s on YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo or your blog & integrates it into your ecommerce store. Knexus automatically displays videos in a dynamic & personalized landing page so the visitor doesn’t have to leave the site to consume the content.

Video content is static & not personalized

Brands may be embedding videos on various pages of the website. However, this may be having an adverse effect as every customer is delivered the same video at the same time, regardless of their intent, interests or behaviors.

Each shopper is matched to relevant video

Knexus automatically delivers the most relevant videos to each shopper at the right time. Shoppers will only see videos relevant to their intent, interests or behaviors to provide the social proof & validation needed to make confident purchases.

Videos aren't shoppable

With video, there is no direct link between the moment of influence & the point of sale – interrupting the buying journey. Without dynamic & personalized product recommendations alongside the content, brands run the risk of shoppers abandoning the ecommerce journey in search for the product related to the video that caught their interest.

Personalized product recommendations are integrated into each video

At the same time as a shopper is watching a video, Knexus automatically identifies & showcases the related product. Knexus then integrates the personalized purchase option into the video to make your videos personalized, relevant & shoppable. Automatically tighten the moment of influence & the point of sale with shoppable videos.

Results from Video Content

By simply integrating video content into buying journeys & dynamic product recommendations, brands have seen a significant uplift in sales, conversions & content CTR through video content alone. 


+72% Sales uplift


+67% Content CTR


+44% Conversions

Why Knexus?


Fully automated

Knexus is fully automated from content & product selection through to delivery & optimization.

No content is off limits

Knexus transforms your content no matter what form it’s in whether it’s images, videos, articles, blogs – you name it.


Knexus is scalable across your ecommerce site, mobile app, CRM & PPC landing pages.

Based on machine learning

Through machine learning Knexus never stops learning, continually building intelligence around your content, products & customers.

Enquire about your subscription plan

Knexus offers a Single Use subscription plan which is perfect for brands looking to get started with less investment – allowing brands to start small & scale up if desired. Start with video content and see if it’s for you!