Drive sales by delivering your videos at optimal moments within owned channels

YouTube provides an incredible platform to connect with customers, with 54% of consumers saying they want to see more video content from brands they like.

If your brand has recognized the power of video, but finds it a time consuming manual process to add it to other channels at scale, or even is still keeping videos mainly on YouTube itself, it’s time to unleash the power of hyper relevant video that drives more sales.

Your videos, tagged

Knexus’ platform uses machine-learning to understand the what and why of each YouTube video your brand has uploaded, so that it can be paired to each visitor’s interest profile.

Personalize at scale

Knexus connects with first and third party data sources to dynamically decide, in real-time, which video should be shown to each customer at each stage of their digital journey.

Drive more sales

You could send customers from your website or newsletter to YouTube itself, but YouTube is designed to offer tempting distractions to all but the most persistent shopper.

Instead, Knexus dynamically creates a personalized page on your website which displays the video and pairs it with the most relevant products. So your customer stays put in your channel and on their buying journey.


There’s an array of metrics on the YouTube platform that are useful for monitoring user engagement, but Knexus allows you to understand which videos are giving customers the confidence to make buying decisions.

This enables your brand to make more of the video content that works, and less of what doesn’t.

Case Studies

Mobile network operator improved customer journeys onsite by giving each customer the right content to make buying decisions, boosting engagement and sales performance


grown in conversion


increase in content CTR
Global insurance company shifted from products and offers based newsletters to fully personalized, dynamic email content for each customer, improving customer loyalty


increase in email CTR


growth in reactivation rate
Consumer Products company used AI to deliver hyper-relevant content at scale, creating personalized journeys on its website which improves sales exits to eRetailers


uplift in orders


increase in sales exits to eRetailers