Knexus for Email

Knexus AI decision making engine plugs into your email system to boost ecommerce sales

No Change in Existing Tech

Plugs into your eCommerce system quickly & easily

Fully Personalized Content

Every subscriber receives hyper relevant content

Boost eCommerce Sales

Quickly increase sales from your emails

Reduce Costs & Resources

End-to-end automation unlocks scarce resources

Complete Visibility on Performance

Full analytics from engagement to purchase

Improve Performance Fast

Working with your existing email system in 2 weeks

Hear And Learn From Our Clients

Global Telecoms company implemented AI for one-to-one marketing with fully personalized email content for each subscriber, boosting sales performance

Global Home Decor Retailer automatically matched the right content to the right customer, delivering highly relevant email communications to reduce churn

Global Telecommunications company shifted from products and offers based email communications to personalized, dynamic email content, improving customer loyalty

Here's How It Works

Single View of All Content

Knexus creates one view of all your content across different systems and uses AI to generate rich intelligence on every asset

Focus On the Customer

Using the latest machine learning and predictive analytics to understand each customers profile, behaviour and journey

AI Decision Making Engine

Knexus AI decision making engine matches the best content (social, marketing and product) for a customer in real time using advanced analytics

Auto Populate Email Template

Automatically and dynamically populate as many different variations of communication as you have customers and content

Powerful Data Analytics

Integrated insights mean you can fully track and measure ROI and content performance from engagement to purchase

No Techstack Changes

Knexus plugs in to your email marketing system, content and customer data sources quickly and easily without changing your existing techstack

See how you can quickly boost email sales performance

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