Knexus Platform

Knexus is a fully automated platform based on machine learning and AI designed to match content to customers and content to products to help brands make content sell.


Let Knexus do the work

Through machine learning and automation, Knexus takes on the vital but time-consuming tasks required to leverage content, whether it’s from your brand, influencers, customers or partners, from every channel and deploy it at scale across individual buyer journeys. 
  • Time spent manually indexing and categorizing content
  • Time spent manually deploying content
  • Time spent deploying, tagging and categorizing content with knexus
Automatically unlock validation content

Unlock validation content

Automatically tag & index content

Tag & index content

Automatically match shoppers to content

Match shoppers to content

Automatically match content to products

Match content to products

Automatically integrate validation content into buying journeys

Integrate content into buyer journeys

Increase sales & revenue with visual commerce

Voila! Increase sales & revenue

Overcome key challenges with Knexus

Discover & Categorize Content

The Challenge

Content is everywhere in today’s world, sitting across lots of different channels meaning even the best can be buried away from shoppers and never seen by the right consumers.

The manual resource needed to leverage all content and showcase the relevant content to the right people at the key time is virtually impossible.

The Solution

Through machine learning, Knexus is able to understand and identify what content exists across all channels removing this manual burden for marketers.

No matter where your content lives, the Knexus platform will find it, categorize and index it – automatically matching the right customers to the right content and relevant content to key products to make your content instantly shoppable.

Personalize & Monetize Content

The Challenge

With the growth in consumer demand for constant personalization being at an all-time high, brands are under immense pressure to meet these expectations.

Brands are also tasked with using this personalization to not only engage shoppers but also drive sales, increase conversions and grow repeat purchases.

The Solution

The Knexus platform identifies what makes your customers tick and what motivates them to buy. Through machine learning Knexus analyzes customer behaviour and gains a deep understanding of your content and customers.

Knexus then turns this data into insights by matching each customer to the relevant content and content to key products to make your content instantly shoppable, accelerating the path to purchase and substantially increasing sales.

Personalize & Monetize Content

Scale & deploy content

The Challenge

Brands spend a significant amount of marketing dollars on content creation but then have difficulty scaling to deployment across all marketing channels.

The Solution

The Knexus platform is scalable across all social and marketing channels from your website and app to email and PPC landing pages. This scalability allows brands to surface and showcase content wherever the customer is.

Provide personalized and shoppable experience across all channels to enable customers to shop beyond the ecommerce site.

Optimize & analyze content

The Challenge

Marketing resources are spending more and more time manually testing, optimizing and analyzing each piece of content.

This is not only time consuming but let’s face it, a headache.

The Solution

Knexus removes this manual burden. Through machine learning Knexus never stops learning, continually building intelligence around both your content and customers.

Plus, our advanced content analytics automatically identifies your best converting content, continuously seeking improvement for you.

Analyze & optimize content

182% year on year sales uplift

‘Within a few months of putting Knexus live, we’d seen a 182% year on year sales uplift from our website.’ 

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Johnson's Baby - Knexus customer

Johnson's Baby

Emma's Diary - Knexus customer

Emma's Diary

02 Telefonica - Knexus customer

02 Telefonica

Zyrtec - Knexus customer


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