How O2 Telefonica delivers captivating email campaigns that convert with visual commerce

Email marketing is hard. Especially when it comes to delivering the right balance of content and products at the right time. As a result, engagement rates can suffer and sales decline. But things can change, just as they did for O2 Telefonica.


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Industry: Mobile Telecommunications Location: Germany Products used: Email

A lack of relevance impacting results

As a market leader in the mobile industry, O2 Telefonica uses email marketing to generate more sales from its customers and subscribers. From upselling to cross-selling right through to first-time sales, email is an important tool for the brand.


Yet, the way the team was approaching content within these campaigns was affecting their growth targets. Most were populated with the latest products and promotional offers, with the majority of subscribers receiving the same content regardless of context.

As a consequence, engaging their audience beyond opening the emails was a struggle.

Over time, the O2 team realized that promoting their latest products may not be the best approach to influence sales. After all, the way people make decisions has changed; while each of their subscribers have different needs, interests, and affinities.

But the lack of relevance and timeliness of their email campaigns wasn’t just impacting sales. It was also leading to an increase in the number of people unsubscribing from their communications for good. Something needed to change.

The road to relevance and timeliness

Having understood that product only emails may not be the best way forward for the brand, the O2 team set about finding ways to resolve their challenges.

While they knew they had an abundance of content at their fingertips that could support buying decisions – how-to videos, articles, social posts, user-generated content – the team weren’t sure how to integrate these assets into their email campaigns.

So, they turned to their Open Innovation Hub, Wayra Deutschland, to help them find a solution. After some research, the team reached the conclusion that there were five potential platforms that could support their needs. Knexus was one of these.

These companies were invited to present their solutions and talk to O2 about how their platforms could help resolve their challenges and set them up for success.

During their presentation, the Knexus team explained how visual commerce combines content intelligence with dynamic customer data, enabling the timely delivery of personalized email campaigns based on the unique data of each subscriber.


An additional advantage was that the platform plugged into O2’s existing systems quickly and easily, which meant there were no changes to the brand’s tech stack nor any disruption to the team’s existing processes.

Soon after, Knexus won the innovation pitch and secured the deal with O2.

Delivering captivating campaigns that convert

As a result of implementing visual commerce, the O2 team was able to increase the total sales from their CRM campaigns by 318%. The number of orders from email campaigns improved by 184% and the add to cart rate grew by 275%.

At the same time, O2’s unique CTOR rate improved by 38% while the rate of people unsubscribing reduced by 35%. The market leading telecommunications provider succeeded in the delivery of highly relevant, impactful email campaigns.


In addition, the team gained unique insight into how their articles, posts, videos, and other assets directly impacted sales performance. This meant that the team could connect the content within their CRM campaigns to sales for the first time ever.

That’s not all though.

Through the visual commerce platform, the O2 team was able to reduce the resources required for managing CRM campaigns by 85% – enabling them the freedom to focus on more strategic priorities.

See real examples of how O2 Telefonica did it

Download the whole case study to see examples of visual commerce in action.