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Sales teams struggle to use the right content

Your sales team is under constant pressure to perform, hit targets and grow the business. Content plays a key role in bridging the gap between buyers and sellers, but how effective are your sales colleagues in finding the right content for specific clients and delivering it at the right time

Automated, real time decision making on content

Knexus proprietary algorithms match data on your sales colleagues and clients, with all your content. Using real time decision making, specific clients get the most relevant experience, whilst sales colleagues are equipped for success

Grows sales with less resource

Targeting content more effectively and getting it in front of clients faster, converts to more deal flow and sales. And that performance can be achieved whilst saving sales team members valuable time lost to finding and selecting content. With incisive analytics on content performance, marketing also gets valuable feedback to help refine content production and improve content ROI

The right content every time for your sales team

Automatically match the most relevant research and other sales related content with individual clients and deliver it to the appropriate sales person instantly

Using proprietary algorithms and real time decision making, Knexus continuously searches available content in your business and matches it with clients, based on your sales team’s latest objectives. Content recommendations, personalized for individual clients, are delivered in real time to sales team members e.g. via email alerts, a personal dashboard or CRM system

Enhance sales team performance whilst maximizing the value of research or other content. Simultaneously save your sales colleagues vital time with automated content decision making and delivery

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  • Increase content ROI
  • Save time and resource
  • 11% improve in sales

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