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Engage & Convert Customers with Hyper Relevant Content, at Scale

Banks and payment providers are increasingly trying to develop deeper and more meaningful relationships with their customers by creating content that educates, inspires and empowers.

However, customers have interests and concerns that are distinct to their individual lives. In a world where customers demand very different experiences depending on whether they are saving for a home deposit or managing their retirement funds, a one size fits all approach to content will not suffice.

Knexus’ platform use machine learning to enable banks and payment providers to unlock their content and automatically deliver it to the right customers at optimal moments to increase conversion and engagement.

Here are some unique ways that Knexus helps banks & payment providers both increase conversion and trust with hyper relevant content

Personalized Newsletter Campaigns

Auto populates fully personalized content for each subscriber & changes the content mix to keep subscribers engaged

Dynamic Content For Websites

Auto integrates influential content within customer journeys, providing customers with relevant information to help them make decisions and convert

Mobile App Optimization

Engages mobile app users with most relevant content to boost brand affinity and increase both cross sell and upsell performance

Personalized Newsletter Campaigns

Consumers increasingly ignore irrelevant emails from brands, lowering open & click-through rates whilst unsubscribe rates increase

Email campaigns are resource intensive and expensive to deliver

With Knexus
Kelly Evans

Products Signed Up: Reward credit card, Premium saver, Mortgage

Each subscriber’s newsletter has fully personalized content based on his/her profile, wants and needs

Latest products and offers are enriched with inspirational and educational content to deliver a more balanced, engaging experience

Delivery is fully automated and Knexus connects into your existing email marketing system

Knexus substantially increases campaign engagement and orders generated

Websites with More Relevant Content

Informational, educational and inspirational content plays an important role in convincing your customers to place their trust in you

Content is not optimized in digital journeys to help customers make decisions

With Knexus
Influential content is dynamically displayed in key digital journeys to improve engagement and conversion

The result is lower drop off rates and more orders

Machine learning delivers a fully automated approach (no manual effort and resource required)

Mobile App Optimization

Mobile apps are a primary source of traffic and engagement for many banks

Too many apps fail to deliver value beyond transactional benefits

80% of apps are deleted by the user within 3 months of being downloaded

With Knexus
Roger Nixon

Products Invested: Bonds, Equities

Knexus integrates most relevant content into the app for each user, in real time, based on their data

Personalized experiences improve brand affinity, growing cross & upsell performance

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