Knexus Platform

Knexus is an AI decision making engine that delivers hyper-relevant content experiences to customers in owned digital channels plus colleagues in sales & account management, at scale and speed. Knexus matches content (social, marketing and product) with customer data, delivering the best, latest and most relevant content in real time to help customers make decisions. Knexus increases conversion, loyalty and sales.

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Track and understand all your available content

Understand your customer's profile, behaviour & journey

Match the best content for your customer in real time

Deliver dynamic content to customers via preferred channels

Optimize use of your content through continuous evaluation

Create a Single, Virtual View of All Content

Knexus creates a single, virtual view of all marketing, social and product content available for your brand.

Every format and type of content asset, including videos, images and text, are automatically tagged using AI. Combined with existing content metadata, this creates rich content intelligence to support optimal decision making.

Knexus dynamic content capabilities include real time discovery and selection of the latest, best and widest choice of content from all available sources for each customer.

Content Optimization

Achieve a Dynamic 360 Degree Customer View

Knexus uses customer data to understand each customers profile, behaviour, attitude, wants, life events and customer journey.

The platform works flexibly with a variety of data sources, such as Clickstream, transactions, CRM and analytics, together with real time behavioural tracking for anonymous visitors.

Knexus uses the latest machine learning and predictive analytics to generate powerful customer intelligence.

360 Degree Customer View

Match Content to Individuals and Their Customer Journey

Knexus AI decision making engine matches the best content for a customer in real time using advanced analytics.

By combining a single view of all available content, with a deep understanding of customers and their journeys, Knexus delivers the most relevant content for each customer at the right time at scale and speed.

Real Time Decision Making Engine

Deliver Highly Relevant Experiences for The Many Individuals

Knexus auto-integrates dynamic content into customer journeys, delivering personalized and highly relevant content experiences in real time across customer touchpoints including eCommerce, website, mobile app, email and chatbots.

Content delivery is through SEO optimized Widgets that integrate quickly and easily with existing CMS, email and other systems in your tech stack.

1:1 Personalization

Continuously Optimize Content and Customer Journeys

Knexus optimizes content and customer journeys through continuous performance measurement and evaluation.

Using dynamic data, intelligence and analytics, the platform automatically adapts to provide the most compelling content experience for your customers.

The integrated Insights mean you can quickly track and identify return on investment, customer journey effectiveness and content performance.

Measurement and Optimization

First of all, I’d like to thank you and your team so far for the great effort and smooth collaboration in these three months. The team managed the significant time pressure for the proof of concept and not trivial technical set-up very well.

Senior Online Marketing Manager

Working together with some of the world’s leading brands

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