Knexus Platform

360 Degree Customer View

Knexus uses machine learning and predictive analytics to understand a customer in terms of their profile, journey, interactions and affinities.

Together with real time behavioural tracking for anonymous and known visitors across your digital touch points, Knexus creates a dynamic 360 degree customer view empowering you to deliver highly relevant customer journeys that accelerate sales.

Content Optimization

Knexus searches social, marketing and product content across key systems including CMS, DAM, blogs and social channels, using deep learning algorithms to understand what the content is.

Knexus AI interface auto-tags all sources and formats of content, as well as integrating existing tags and metadata to create a fully searchable taxonomy for your content.

Real Time Decision Making Engine

Knexus’ proprietary algorithms and real time decision making engine is designed to automatically match your social, marketing and product content with dynamic customer data, picking the best content based on relevance, context and suitability.

It then delivers highly targeted content experiences in real time for customers on websites, mobile apps and other digital touchpoints.

Customer Segmentation

Incorporate existing customer segments from your CRM, Analytics or Marketing Automation solution. Go further and fine tune the segmentation logic directly from Knexus’ easy-to-use interface to improve performance.

Track and collect behavioural data in real time for anonymous visitors which helps you to understand visitors’ intent and context of interest. Create segments based on geolocation, devices, OS, referral sources, on-site interactions and more.

1:1 Personalization

Knexus delivers 1:1 personalized content experiences in real time using machine learning and predictive analytics to understand your customer in terms of their profile, journey, interactions and affinities.

Make your digital experience and customer journey individually relevant for each customer. This includes personalized product and content recommendations, research and articles, promotions, celebrity endorsement and thought-leadership content.

Measurement and Optimization

Using real time optimization, Knexus continuously monitors both customer behaviour and latest available content, to provide the most compelling experience for your customers. As a result, you can achieve the best possible performance whilst freeing up vital team resources.

Integrated analytics attribute value and measure content performance, customer engagement and behaviour. With customizable dashboards, powerful reporting options and seamless integration to tools like Google Analytics, Knexus puts actionable insights at your fingertips.

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