As customer engagement has increasingly shifted to online, brands are investing more than ever in content. However, from social content to marketing, this content is often created for single use, siloed within its own channel and not selected with the wants and needs of individual customers in mind.

Giving customers highly relevant content is integral to creating a winning brand experience. If you can’t do that at scale & speed, it’s going to be slow, complex & very expensive for your brand, and disappointing for your customers.

Knexus solves this challenge by creating a single, live view of all your content and intelligently matching it with a customer’s data at the right point in their digital journey - improving their brand experience and helping them make decisions.

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Knexus’ unique capabilities are proven to increase ATV, conversion and traffic

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Build brand affinity, reduce churn and grow online conversion

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Help customers choose the right products, grow loyalty and online engagement

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